Which are 5 well-known NZX consumer stocks?


  • The a2 Milk and Cooks Global announce the dates of their respective annual meetings.
  • FY21 annual results announced by Marlborough Wines.
  • Dividend of 4cps offered by Foley Wines in its annual results.

Known to be those stocks that stand unrelated to economic conditions, consumer stocks are essentials that people need at all times.

These may be feasible kinds of investment options, however, there is a need for appropriate research to be put in before deciding where to put your money. Have a look at the below discussed stocks to get a better idea.

Fundamentals of NZX Consumer stocks

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My Food Bag Group Limited (NZX:MFB)

This Company is known to deliver packed meals to millions of residents of the country, working in a meal kit operator format. As derived in the annual meeting, the remuneration of the auditor shall be decided upon and managed by the board, while the 6-month return for the Company was recorded to be -10.19%

On 23 September 2021, the Company’s share was at NZ$1.380, up by 0.73% at market closing.

The a2 Milk Company Limited (NZX:ATM) (ASX:A2M)

This dairy-based company while listed both in New Zealand and Australia has operations in different parts of the world such as the US, China, and the UK.

Most recently, the Company announced that the annual meeting should be held virtually on 17 November 2021, while the Director Nominations have to be filed before 30 September 2021.

On 23 September 2021, the Company was at NZ$5.820, up by 3.19%, at the time of market closing.

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Foley Wines Limited (NZX:FWL)

One of the primary wine producers in the country, this Company is known for its premium blends. According to the annual results released by the Company last month, the wine case sales have gone up by 6% at 565,000, while the bottled sales revenue was seen to be NZ$53,255,000.

The Company further declared a 4cps dividend for its shareholders.

On 23 September 2021, the Company’s share was at NZ$1.500, down by 1.32% at the time of market closure.

FWL Full Year 2021 and Annual Report Published - NZX, New Zealand’s Exchange

Cooks Global Foods Limited (NZX:CFG)

This Company holds different kinds of food and beverage-related franchisees across different locations.

Recently, the Company announced that its annual meeting, in lieu of the current uncertainty due to COVID-19, should be held virtually on 28 September 2021, while the Director nominations for the same have closed on 13 September 2021.

On 23 September 2021, the Company’s share was at NZ$0.42%, down by 2.33% at the time of market closing.

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Marlborough Wine Estates Group Limited (NZX:MWE)

Several Awatere Valley-based wineries comprise the Marlborough Group. In the FY21 annual results offered by the Company, it announced a 5% growth in the revenue, standing at NZ$6.5million, while the branded wine sales witnessed a growth of 41%.

The Company is in a strong financial position with low debt. The Company is looking forward to sustainable growth in the future.

On 23 September 2021, the Company was at NZ$0.230, down by 2.13% at market closing.

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Bottom Line

Consumer stocks take care of customer-oriented food items, beverages, tobacco, basically the ones which are needed on a daily basis. Such stocks are not volatile but are well-established entities.



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