What did ANZ (NZX:ANZ) reveal in ESG investor briefing?


  • The Company discloses the current working structure and future plans in the investor briefing.

  • Aims to help people develop the habit for savings, fund project such as housing and sustainable finances.

In a recent announcement, the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (NZX:ANZ) (ASX:ANZ) released its investor briefing, where the Company spoke about its core strategies and values. The Company announced its plans for delivery services that might not be easy to use but would help in creating long-term financial stability for its customers.

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The Company further revealed that it envisioned resilient and agile infrastructure platforms for banking that should help third-party and in-house customers. It further said that the team was diverse and adept at facing financial challenges. Indicating its involvement in diversity and inclusion. ANZ said that its Reconciliation Action plan for 2021-2024 should be announced soon.

The company offers 24X7 digital support and remote access, which shall be accessible via phones and computers. Working with the PACT security system, the company ensures to keep malware and threats to the minimum level for its clients.

The company further added that the priority for it was environmental sustainability, financial wellbeing, and housing.

Plans for the near future

Shedding light on its financial business sustainability, the company revealed that over 55 deals were completed worth NZ$91 billion by the finance team of ANZ in the first 3 quarters of FY21.

In its target for the future, the company aims to fund NZ$50 billion towards Offering sustainable customer solutions. It hopes to support 250,000 customers to create some form of saving habit by the end of 2021.

Bottom Line

The Company is working towards the goal of sustainable solutions for its clients.

On 16 September 2021, the Company traded at NZ$28.700, up by 0.38%, at the time of writing.



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