What are the key highlights of the NZ sharemarket?


  • NZX is the stock market of New Zealand, and NZX 50 is its benchmark index.
  • On 28 July, NZX 50 ended the trading session at 12,595.32, up 0.04%.
  • 7 out of 11 sectors traded in green today.

New Zealand has a well-developed and robust stock market called as New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX). It provides access to various tools like ETFs, dairy research and wealth management products.

NZX has over 185 securities listed with a market capitalisation of $185.73 billion. The listed companies are in large, mid-cap and small-cap segments.

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S&P/NZX 50 is the headline stock index of New Zealand that tracks the performance of the 50 largest and most liquid companies by market capitalisation. It covers about 90% of NZ’s equity market capitalisation and is the most-quoted index in the country.

NZX 50 performance

The benchmark index of New Zealand NZX 50 has moved down 4.03% in the last 3 months, from 12,646 points on 28 April to 12,595 points on 28 July. The index gained 0.04% to 12,595.32 on 28 July, a day after the index fell 0.65% to close at 12,590.3.

7 out of 11 sectors were trading in green. The buying was seen in energy stocks, followed by consumer discretionary and financial stocks that supported the broader market to close in green.

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NZX All-Energy rose by 2.84%, NZX All Consumer Discretionary rose by 1.37%, and NZX All Financials gained by 0.92%.

Mid-Cap and Small-Cap Index Performance

NZX 50 ended at 12,595.32 on Wednesday, implying a 43.39% increase over the previous year. MidCap and SmallCap Index claimed 6,344.66 and 22,385.64 points garnering a return of 19.67% and 8.78%, respectively.

Source: REFINITIV, 28 July 2020

Gainers and Losers for the day

NZX is buzzing with various announcements and updates on various stocks that influence their price movement, propelling some stocks as gainers and some as decliners for the day. These stock updates also help investors and traders in making informed decisions. In addition, gainers and decliners are tracked by stock markets worldwide.

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Let’s have a look at the top 4 gainers and losers for the day.

Top 4 gainers that supported the index on Friday were-

  1. Allied Farmers Limited (NZX:ALF) is involved in trading livestock and specialises in dairy herds. On 28 July, ALF ended the trading session at $0.61, up 7.02% from its previous close.
  2. TIL Logistics Group Limited (NZX:TLL) is an NZ-based domestic freight and logistics firm offering warehousing services and freight transport. On 28 July, TLL ended the trading session at $1.39, up 6.11% from its previous close.
  3. Rua Bioscience Ltd (NZX:RUA) is a pharma firm involved in developing medical cannabis products. On 28 July, RUA ended the trading session at $0.425, up 4.94% from its previous close.
  4. Savor Limited (NZX:SVR) is one of the largest hospitality business hospitality businesses known for its products and services. On 28 July, SVR ended the trading session at $0.199, up 4.74% from its previous close.

Top 4 losers that dragged the index on Friday were-

  1. Enprise Group Limited (NZX:ENS) is a high-tech cloud business software company focusing on ERP, payroll etc. On 28 July, ENS ended the trading session at $2.97, down 6.31% from its previous close.
  2. Vital Limited (NZX:VTL) is an NZ-based business that offers fibre, wifi and a critical communication network. On 28 July, VTL ended the trading session at $0.77, down 3.75% from its previous close.
  3. Radius Residential Care Limited (NZX: RAD) is a health and aged care provider that gives quality rest home and private hospital care for those in need. On 28 July, RAD ended the trading session at $0.59, down 3.28% from its previous close.
  4. Vista Group International Limited (NZX:VGL) is an NZ-based technology firm that provides technology solutions to the film industry. On 28 July, VGL ended the trading session at $2.3, down 2.95% from its previous close.

(NOTE: Currency is reported in NZ Dollar unless stated otherwise)



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