Look at the 6 most active stocks on the NZX today


  • The most active stocks on the NZX had the highest volumes. 
  • WDT upgraded its earnings forecast for FY21. 
  • KPG considering an offer of green bonds of seven-year period.  
  • AIR announced the retirement of its two long-standing directors.  

The most active stocks on an exchange are the ones that have the highest volumes. These are stocks that achieve the highest trading activity intraday as measured by volumes. While changes in the price can often lead a stock to be the most active, it is not needed for a stock to come in the most active stock category. Many of the stock exchanges compile a list of the most active stocks so that they can see the price movements and the volatility. The most active stocks on Monday’s trading session were:  

Precinct Properties Limited (NZX:PCT) 

PCT traded high volumes at 6,368,348. The stock price was 3.25% up at NZ$1.590, indicating more buys than sells. The Company today went through some changes in the capital structure with AMP buying some of its shares. 

Promisia Healthcare limited (NZX:PHL) 

PHL, the aged-care provider, reflected the maximum volumes. Therefore, it was the most active stock on the NZX today. Its volumes were at 500,000. The stock was down by 50% at NZ$0.001. On Friday, PHL was also one of the most active stocks, which witnessed a volume of more than 2,500,000 shares.  

The most recent announcement made by PHL was with regard to its results for 15 months ended 31 March 2021. The Company reported a NPAT of NZ$0.042M with a total profit of NZ$0.065M in this period. 

It is expected that with economy gaining strength, the Company will gradually add rooms to its newest site at Aldwins House, Christchruch. 

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Wellington Drive Technologies Limited (NZX:WDT) 

WDT was also one of the most active stocks on the NZX today. It gained volumes to the tune of 2,381,779. The stock was up by 17.07% at NZ$0.096. WDT made several important announcements today. It updated its revenue forecast from US$41M to US$46M to US$45M-US$50M due to increased customer demand. In addition, new product launches and general growth in the global economy have also added to the upgraded revenue guidance. 

WDT announced that it expected the underlying EBITDA earnings to be in the range of NZ$3.5M to NZ$4.5M, up from the previous range of NZ$2.5M to NZ$3M. Further, the Company announced that it remained committed to the staff, and if any profits were available, it would have compensated the employees’ reduced salaries during  2020. 

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Air New Zealand (NZX:AIR) 

AIR was also one of the most traded stocks on the NZX today. Its trading volumes were 1,456,863 and the stock was down by 2.54% at NZ$1,535. The Company announced the retirement of two of its long-standing directors - Rob Jager and Linda Jenkinson. They would be retiring from the board in the last quarter of CY2021. They were an important part of the board and had served AIR NZ for more than three decades. Chairman Dame Therese Walsh  

thanked both for their commitment. 

Sky Network Television Limited (NZX:SKT) 

The traded volumes for SKT were 1,173,881 and the stock price was NZ$0.170 up by 0.59%. 

The high volumes reflected more buys than buys. Recently, SKT appointed James Bishop as the new company secretary and the Head of Investor Relations. He is joining SKT from Crown Infrastructure Partners Limited. 
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 Kiwi property Group (NZX:KPG) 

KPG reported high volumes of 1,110380. The stock was up by 0.43% at NZ$1,165. KPG announced on Monday that it was considering an offer of green bonds of seven-year period to institutional and retail investors. The details of the offer will be released to the investors on the date of opening, which is expected to be 5 July 2021.

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The Company has appointed ANZ Bank as the arranger for the offer. ANZ along with Craigs Investment Partners Limited will act as a lead manager for it. Investors can register their interest through one of the lead managers. 

If KPG proceeds with the Green Bond offer, it will be made in accordance with the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 and quoted on the NZX Debt Market. 



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