5 NZX Stocks Buzzing with Annual Reports - CGF, GFL, IKE, NTL, BFG

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5 NZX Stocks Buzzing with Annual Reports - CGF, GFL, IKE, NTL, BFG

 5 NZX Stocks Buzzing with Annual Reports - CGF, GFL, IKE, NTL, BFG
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  • Annual report is a document that provides financial and operating details of a company.
  • The report helps shareholders in evaluating a firm’s performance before making investment.
  • Here are 5 NZX-listed stocks that have released their annual reports for FY21.

Public companies release annual reports, which provide their shareholders with information about their activities and financial situation.

The purpose of the annual report is to make public a company's operating and financial actions of the previous year. The report is usually distributed to shareholders and other stakeholders, who use it to assess the company's performance and make investment decisions.

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Amid this backdrop, let’s have a look at these 5 NZX-listed stocks that have recently released their respective annual reports.

Cooks Global Foods Limited (NZX:CGF)

CGF’s stores have stayed majorly resilient to COVID-19 in suburbs. While the total group revenue from continuing activities decreased 26.8% to $3.1 million in FY21, net loss before tax from continuing operations stood at $3.6 million.

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The Group acquired Triple Two Coffee business in June 2020, which added scale to the core UK market and placed CGF as the fourth Coffee-focussed chain in the UK.

On 1 June, CGF ended the trading session at $0.038, up 8.57% from its previous close.

Geneva Finance Limited (NZX:GFL)

Despite COVID-19 pandemic's disruptions, structural modifications that occurred in FY20 had a favourable influence on the firm and resulted in profit increases. As a result, the company returned to generating profit growth. The Group reported a 12% rise in revenue to $34.8 million.

On May 10, the board announced an increase in the final dividend for FY21, bringing it to 2.50 cps. This results in a total dividend of 3.75 cps for FY21.

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On 1 June, GFL ended the trading session at $0.64, up 7.56% from its previous close.

ikeGPS Group Limited (NZX:IKE, ASX:IKE)

ikeGPS reported strong performance in FY21 despite being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in Q1 and Q3 of FY21. The Group reported a total revenue of $9.3 million in FY21 and generated more than 75% revenue from transaction & subscription sources.

The Group closed roughly $8.8 million of new contracts in the five months to 31 May 2021. IKE targets sales to nearly 200 communication companies, 3K electric utilities, and about 1,000 engineering service providers in North America.

On 1 June, IKE ended the trading session at $1.06, down 0.93% from its previous close.

New Talisman Gold Mines Limited (NZX:NTL)

The firm maintained strict financial controls all through FY21, resulting in a considerable reduction in annual expenditure.

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Given the significant expenses of deep extraction, the board has chosen a responsible financial strategy by guaranteeing that the mined ore can be transferred straight to the processing plant. The key emphasis continues to be on delivering a production route for the Talisman ore.

On 1 June, NTL ended the trading session flat at $0.003.

Burger Fuel Group Limited (NZX:BFG)

Burger Fuel Group’s operating revenue dropped 4.1% to $21 million, while total system sales were lowered by 12.5% to $88.7 million in FY21 amid store closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many problems arose during FY21 year, which the Group successfully navigated. BFG New Zealand opened 2 new locations in FY21 and now has 58 locations throughout the country.

On 1 June, BGF ended the trading session flat at $0.385.

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