BGP, KMD, HLG: Why are 3 NZX retail stocks in the limelight?

Stats NZ's latest report says that Kiwis have been cutting back their spending on apparel, consumables and durables. This was influenced by rising inflation across the globe. The retailers are feeling the heat and are hoping for the best in future.

KMD, BGP, WHS, HLG: How are these 4 retail stocks faring on NZX?

Shoppers in NZ to get a better deal The NZ government to set up an industry watchdog A new Supermarket Code is also in the offing which could be beneficial to suppliers

MHJ, BGP, WHS: How these 3 retail stocks are faring on NZX?

Retail companies are crucial in supply chains and help in the progression of the country.

BGP, KMD, WHS, HLG: 4 retail stocks as household confidence dips

Household confidence low in New Zealand Regional variations exist in the household survey Auckland household seem to be dipping among other regions

BGP, MHJ: Why are these 2 NZX retail stocks on investors' radar?

New Zealand's retail industry witnessed flat retail volumes during the quarter ended March 2022 when compared to the December 2021 quarter.

WHS, HLG, KMD: Retail stocks in news as consumer confidence hits new low

New Zealanders are very pessimistic about the economic environment. According to the Westpac McDermott Miller Consumer Confidence survey, Kiwis are far more pessimistic about the economic environment than they were in May.   Household bu...

WHS, BGP, KMD: 3 retail stocks to watch ahead of GDP numbers

New Zealand’s GDP numbers are set to be announced by Stats NZ Thursday. Most NZ experts have slashed their GDP forecasts for the numbers. Westpac, ANZ, BNZ have all said that Stats NZ might report zero growth in GDP for Q1 this year. It is e...

BGP, WHS, HLG: A lens on 3 NZ retail stocks as Costco eyes NZ expansion

The latest reports reveal that Costco, a US retail giant and the third-largest retailer across the world, supplying bulk foods to car tyres, has plans to set up a second Auckland store. It must be noted that a Costco store has already been built a...

WHS, BGP, KMD: 3 Retail stocks in news as card spending rises

  • Jun 10, 2022 NZST
  • Sonal

The latest data from Stats NZ released on Friday revealed that card spending (seasonally adjusted) increased 1.4% to $123 million in May 2022 compared to a month ago. It was the third monthly consecutive increase in card spending. A partial contri...

WHS, MHJ: 2 retail stocks in focus as NZ’s online shopping soars in Q1

Highlights NZ’s online shopping saw a 31% surge in Q1 2022 The Warehouse Group grew 7.4% in FY22 Q3 Michael Hill International’s strong digital growth continues According to recent report by NZ Post, Kiwiland witnessed more th...