TCL, LIC: 2 NZX-listed stocks going ex-dividend in August

Investors look out for upcoming dividends to boost their investment portfolio Two NZX stocks have their ex-dividend dates on 4 August These two stocks to look out for are TCL and LIC, respectively

LIC, TRA, KPG: Take a look at 3 NZX dividend-paying shares under $5

Dividend stocks are considered reliable sources of income during stormy market conditions. LIC, TRA, and KPG are renowned NZX dividend stocks less than $5.

From ANZ to SPK: Take a look at NZX stocks with over 5% dividend yield

Dividend stocks tend to perform better than their peers during turbulent market conditions. Hence, investors tend to prefer stocks with higher dividend yields.

TRA, WHS, KPG: Take a look at 3 NZX dividend-paying shares under $5

Amid the prevailing economic uncertainties, investors look at dividend-paying stocks which generate decent returns yet are affordable. TRA, WHS, and KPG are NZX stocks under $5 known to pay dividends to their shareholders.

MFT, TRA, HFL: 3 NZX stocks with ex-dividend dates soon

Ex-dividend is an important date in a dividend cycle If investors buy shares before the ex-dividend date, they become eligible for the dividend Few companies have their ex-dividend dates in the next few weeks

SPK, CNU, SDL, VTL: Take a look at these NZX-listed dividend paying telecom stocks

Dividends are for investors looking for sustainable source of income There are many ex-dividend dates in June and July Four telecom companies that reward shareholders with attractive dividends

WHS, ANZ, WBC, GNE: 4 NZX stocks with over 8% dividend yield

  • Jul 09, 2022 NZST
  • Sonal

Investors are attracted to high dividend-yielding stocks.

NZM, SCL, TRA, BIT: 4 dividend-paying shares under $5

  • Jul 06, 2022 NZST
  • Sonal

Dividend stocks can be considered by investors amid an inflationary environment.

MFT, TRA, HFL: 3 NZX stocks going ex-dividend in July

x-dividend dates are very important for investors These are dates before which investors buy shares of a company to become eligible for the next dividend MFT, HFL, & TRA have their ex-dividend dates in July.

FPH, MFT, SCL: 3 NZX stocks set to pay dividends in July

Investors looking for a sustainable source of income go for dividend stocks There are many upcoming dividend payment dates in July The biggest healthcare company FPH pays in July