A journey into the future: How the world may look like in 2050

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A journey into the future: How the world may look like in 2050

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  • Over the next few years, the number of smart cities around the world is predicted to explode.
  • By 2050, smart cities will be home to 70% of the world's population.
  • City: 2050 will be modernised, technologically advanced, and will make people's lives easier.

Who doesn't desire a sneak peek into the future? If you aren’t living under a rock, you must be curious about the future.

We, humans, are constantly striving to make human life better and more comfortable. As a result, in order to live the best lifestyle possible, humans have already begun to plan for infrastructure, transportation, and the development of smart cities. And, over the next few years, the number of smart cities around the world is predicted to explode.

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What may City: 2050 look like?

Houses - By 2050, sky-high structures with all modern facilities and enhanced parking spots will be commonplace.

Automobiles - In 2022, nearly everyone's ambition is to have their own car for their family and to be able to go out with their friends and relatives. Some people also like to own cars in order to retain their social position. If current trends continue, driverless vehicles, automobile sharing, and other disruptive technologies will supplant car ownership by 2050.

UN's smart city viewpoint

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Planes and Trains– By 2050, we may reach the pinnacle of technology advancement in travel. Airports will be modernised, making "flying in the sky" more pleasurable. High-speed rail projects will take precedence in order to ensure that you get at your destination in time.

Flying Vehicles - We see flying cars in movies in 2022, but the day will come when they become a reality. By 2050, an autonomous flying car is most likely to make its debut. For this next step in mobility, research is already underway in a number of countries.

Offices – It may still exist, but in hybrid co-working spaces which is a combination of traditional offices, hoteling, telepresence, and many more, meeting the underlying human need for social connections and contact.


Human mind never stops working and always envisions better futures. City: 2050 is expected to be modernised, technologically advanced, and will certainly make people’s daily lives easier.

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