Which companies in UK are accepting cryptocurrency as payment


  • In present times, more companies are accepting cryptos, mainly Bitcoin, as a form of payment.
  • Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, which is widely accepted.

Cryptocurrency’s popularity has been growing day by day. A few years ago, companies and businesses were reluctant to accept cryptocurrencies. Today, more companies are accepting cryptos, mainly Bitcoin, either as a form of payment or to pay the salaries of the employees. Many payment businesses are undergoing revolution where cryptocurrencies are leading the charge as retailers are embracing different forms of cryptocurrency to ensure seamless adoption of cryptocurrencies either directly or through third-party apps, such as Bitpay.

Let’s look at five UK companies that are accepting cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment and have been an instant hit with the customers.


Etsy accepts cryptocurrencies despite not having its own platform. Sellers can walk into the stores, and they can choose to make the payment in either cryptos or opt for other payment method option at checkout. Buyers can make payment in Bitcoin and the seller then responds with a Bitcoin address to complete the transaction. Besides, the community forum of Etsy provides Bitcoin tutorials to raise awareness on how sellers can advertise or how customers can make the payments in cryptos in a seamless smoothly.

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PayPal recently announced its expansion of cryptocurrency services to the UK citizens. British citizens through the Paypal app can buy, sell, or hold cryptocurrencies or even use it for transactions at retail stores. Through the app, the users have the freedom to make the payment in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. The peer-to-peer transaction allows the transaction to be secure and the vendor gets a confirmation of the transaction on his mobile.

Whole Foods

In partnership with a payment startup called Flexa, Amazon-owned Whole Foods, one of the leading retail companies operating in the UK, allows the customers to trade in cryptocurrencies. The partnership’s platform through the digital scanners allows the phone-based payments through Apple Pay and other digital wallets. The digital currency transactions are converted from cryptocurrencies to local currency for seamless purchases.

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CarReg is UK’s most progressive number plate reseller with more than 30 years of experience in car number plate trading. CarReg.co.uk joins the bandwagon of car owning companies accepting cryptocurrencies along with Tesla. CarReg’s owner Jason Wilkes is a strong advocate of the cryptocurrencies, and he believes that gradually more companies will be open to accept bitcoin as a mode of payment.


Shopify’s customers can shop at their flagship store with a variety of cryptocurrencies using the Coinbase, BitPay and CoinPayments.net medium. The customers who want to make the payment through cryptocurrencies can seamlessly enter the place and make payment in bitcoins at the store.