Pivotree Inc. (TSXV:PVT)


Pivotree Inc. manages commerce and information technology of several companies including for Fortune 1000 firms. The end-to-end service provider offers deployment, platform selection, hosting through ongoing support to help companies adapt to the changing commercial landscape.

Various services offered by Pivotree include:

• Digital strategy

• Implementation

• Design

• Managed services

• Optimization

• Application support

• Industry specific support

Various retailers undergoing a digital transformation, fast-growing startups needing the capacity to scale up quickly or manufacturers establishing their online marketplace, can utilize the decades of experience of Pivotree of working with leading B2B and B2C brands across a broad range of industries including apparel, automotive, consumer goods manufacturing, footwear, food production, distribution, electronics manufacturing, grocery, restaurants and many more.

The company uses state of art ecommerce technologies available to try to ensure the success of its clients’ online businesses. Pivotree provides retailers the technical know-how and services that they need to respond to their customers who expect a seamless experience both online and offline across all channels.

The company believes that wholesale distribution is facing a threat due to manufacturers moving directly to customers. Pivotree offers services to wholesale distributors and helps them to adapt to the relentlessly changing commercial landscape and support their organizations.

Pivotree partners with CPG manufacturers and offers them an optimized channel strategy to manage their business through the right tools and processes and gives their customers the best experience across all touchpoints with properly organized product data designed for different types of customers.

The company identifies the threat that B2B manufacturers are facing due to changing consumer behavior motivated by tech-savvy buyers. it has been difficult for new B2B manufacturers to compete with convenient modern marketplaces like Amazon who can deliver world class customer experiences at lower costs.

Pivotree claims that it can assist new entrants and thriving B2B businesses in adapting to new technology, strategic partnerships, and changing of management style. The company can help in digitally transforming the business models and showing new opportunities to existing sales teams of B2B manufacturers.

Contact Information

company address 250 Yonge Street 16th Floor Toronto, ON M5B2L7

company phone877 767-5577

company email[email protected]

company websitehttps://pivotree.com

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