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Kraken Robotics is a publicly-traded marine technology entity engaged in developing, designing and marketing improved sonar and laser systems and sensors and subsea power solutions for unmanned underwater military vehicles and commercial applications. Kraken Robotics claims to be a global innovator of SAS (Synthetic Aperture Sonar), a significant underwater imaging technology that provides ultra-high-resolution imagery with improved seabed surveys and superior coverage rates.

The company leverages a long history of research and development and funding support by the NATO Undersea Research Center. Since inception, the company has been growing constantly and now provides an entire suite of products including batteries, thrusters, sensors, recovery systems and vehicles.

The company is now expanding its RaaS (Robotics as a Service) business to provide its prospective and existing clients with end-to-end services. Kraken performs on an internal business model that it calls “innovate or die” which implies that the company is highly motivated by innovation and R&D.

Recently, Kraken signed an agreement with a leading international energy company to offer detailed underwater inspection of the consumer’s subsea assets. As per the contract, Kraken’s SeaVision 3D laser scanner will conduct underwater inspection of an umbilical termination assembly to collect metrology data on tubing within the internal structure. The company did not disclose the customer’s name due to security reasons but stated that the work will be initiated in the fourth quarter of 2021 in a Western African country.

Kraken’s proprietary product portfolio includes:

• Thunderfish (an autonomous underwater vehicle)

• SeaScout (unmanned launch and recovery system)

• SeaPower (pressure tolerant batteries)

• SeaVision (3D laser imaging)

• AquaPix (synthetic Aperture Sonar)

• SeaThrust (rim-driven thrusters)

• Katfish (towed synthetic aperture sonar vehicle)

The tech-based underwater-service product and service provider also offers robotic solutions for underwater survey needs of its clients. The clients benefit by availing affordable expert services of Kraken without having to invest in expensive equipment and maintenance of underwater assets.

The company allows its clients to acquire its survey data and provide ultra-high-definition seabed pixels by the hour through its RaaS. The company’s service range include:

1. Mobilization

2. Mission planning

3. Survey operation

4. Data analysis and mission reporting

5. Demobilization

Kraken also provides engineering support through integrated support sensors on its underwater vehicles, rental or lease purchase options, training, preventive and maintenance plans, etc. The company is developing its acoustic signal processing that focuses on passive sonar technologies for civilian and naval applications. The publicly-traded company publishes its financial data and shareholder information on its official website.

Contact Information

company address 189 Glencoe Drive Mount Pearl, NL A1N 4P6

company phone709 757-5757

company email[email protected]

company website

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