CardioComm Solutions Inc. (TSXV:EKG)


CardioComm Solutions Inc is a healthcare company that focuses on developing hardware, software, and core laboratory reading services for the medical and consumer sectors. It provides management software solutions.

Through patented and proprietary technology, the company analyzes, views, stores and records electrocardiograms for treating and managing cardiac patients. The company specializes in providing software solutions for handling information technology in cardiovascular medicine and telemedicine.

Through its patented technology, CardioComm Solutions is empowering hospitals, patients, healthcare, and medical professionals in managing patient information more securely. Through CardioComm Solutions’ software, electrocardiography (ECG) data can be transmitted, handled, and accessed globally using telephones, the internet, wireless devices, and standard computers.

It has developed a unique position in the medical diagnostic sector. The company’s headquarters is in Ontario, Canada. CardioComm Solutions Inc is a publicly listed company on the TSX Venture Exchange market (TSXV), where its common stocks trade under the ticker ‘EKG’.

The company has introduced technologies that allow new medical devices and communication portals to use the internet and cellular-based technologies for ECGs. The company’s ECG management solutions can provide its services to external medical and consumer markets.

It provides PC and LAN-based products called Global ECG Management System, a medical ECG service, and ASP software. CardioComm Solutions provides a wide range of software, hardware products, ASP services, and software modules around the world, including Software products:


• Global ECG Management System

• GlobalCardio 12 Lead

• GEMS Lite For Windows

Hardware products

• The HeartCheck CardiBeat

• Handheld ECG Monitor

ASP services

• C4 ECG Management Service

• The HeartCheck SMART Monitoring

Software modules


• AutoAttendant

• GEMS | HL7 Interface

• GlobalCardio | EMR Integration

Other products

• GlobalCardio 3 Lead

• ECG Viewer SDK

• QRS Diagnostic

• QRS 12 Lead Universal

Contact Information

company address "18 Wynford Drive Suite 305 North York, Ontario M3C 3S2"

company phone416 977-9425

company email[email protected]

company website

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