Almadex Minerals Ltd (TSXV:DEX)


Almadex Minerals Limited is a mining and exploration company that owns several mineral properties and focuses on royalty payment from the mining assets. In addition, it also owns and operates through drilling and geophysical equipment.

The mining company claims to have a solid financial position and holds a portfolio of different assets, including gold, equities, and cash. The exploration firm aims to expand its operations by actively pursuing new mineral discoveries and reserves.

The company claims that Mexico presents significant scope for developing and exploring mines with suitable geology and favorable socio-political-economic environment. The properties in Mexico include:

El Chato

It is a wholly owned project by Almadex with potential for gold, silver and copper mineralization. Previously, the company has reportedly engaged in the soil sampling, including mapping and stream sediment sampling.


Almadex wholly owns this gold and silver project in the state of San Luis Potosi in Mexico.

Apart from these, the mining firm also has stake in various Mexico-based projects such as:
• Mezquites in Nayarit
• Nueva Espana in Puebla State
• San Carlos in Tamaulipas State
• San Pedro in Jalisco State
• Vicky Project in Coahuila State
• Yago (Gallo de Oro) in Nayarit State

Almadex claims to have integrated its mining activities with technology and innovation to support mining operations in difficult locations and terrains. The company claims that the smaller drills have a lesser impact on the environment.

It reportedly engages with the community in the area it operates and provides education and employment opportunities. The mining firm claims to conduct mining operations with a team of geological experts, including geophysicists and geochemical technicians and state-of-the-art equipment.

Almadex’ significant asset portfolio is located in Canada, Mexico and the United States. It also owns equities and net smelter royalty interest and claims to generate a smooth cash stream for its business and investors.

In Southern British Columbia, the exploration company operates in the region’s prolific gold belt, where it has an interest in the following projects:

• Almadex has a 40 per cent stake in Merit Project, while remaining is held by Independence Gold Corp (TSX: IGO)

• Nicoamen River, a wholly owned gold and silver prospect, is a 2600-hectare property.

• The firm has a 60 per cent option purchase right in the Ponderosa project.

Its property portfolio in Nevada consists of Monte Cristo Project, Paradise Valley + Davis Projects, Veta, and the Willow project.

Contact Information

company address Suite 210 – 1333 Johnston St Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6H 3R9

company phone1.604.689.7644

company email[email protected]

company website

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