Badger Infrastructure Solutions Ltd (TSX:BDGI)


Badger Infrastructure Solutions Ltd is a hydro excavation service provider in the United States and Canada.

It provides Hydrovac Excavation services to various industries, including:

• Transportation
• Oil and Gas
• Construction
• Railway
• Aggregate
• Mining and Power Generation
• Hydrovac Services
• Utilities
• Engineering and Industrial

Hydrovac excavation refers to the process of digging the ground or soil using pressurized water and industrial strength. The pressurized water breaks the soil, which forms a slurry. Eventually, this slurry is removed using a powerful vacuum and collected in a debris tank.

Badger Hydrovac claims to excavate in different kinds of soil and environmental conditions. For example, it can excavate clay soil, hard-packed dirt, and frozen soil. The company’s trucks are equipped with water heaters to provide efficient excavation in frozen terrain areas.

Badger Infrastructure Solutions provides various services and applications such as:

• Potholing
• Daylighting
• Utility pole holes
• Trenching
• Service Pits
• Anode installations
• Debris removal
• Pipeline crossing
• Shoring installations
• Tank cleanouts
• Pipeline tie-ins

In addition, the company also provides sewer services under the brand Badger Daylighting™. Some services under the segment include Mandrel testing, cleaning, air testing, smoke testing, mainline to lateral inspections, laser profiling, and reaming and concrete removal.

In May 2021, the firm, earlier known as Badger Daylighting Ltd, rebranded and changed the name to its present name. Following this, the ticker symbol on the Toronto Stock Exchange was changed from ‘BAD’ to ‘BDGI’.

The company claims to operating in the sector since 1992.

Badger Infrastructure Solutions claims that its equipment can perform excavation from a 300 feet distance through trucks. In addition, it claims to help reduce the cost of projects by providing tech-enabled construction solutions and trained professional expertise for complex situations related to infrastructure, repairs, constructions, and maintenance projects.

As of 2021, the TSX-listed company has over 1000 Hydrovac operators with a presence in over 100 North American locations.

The company claims that its Badger Units are in accordance with strict quality standards so that non-destructive, cost-effective, and agile market solutions can be achieved with utmost safety.

Badger Infrastructure Solutions reportedly follows strict protocols and standards of innovations to mitigate accidental and work-related risks.

Contact Information

company address 400, 911 - 11th Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta T2R 1P3

company phone403 264-8500

company email[email protected]

company website

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