Appulse Corporation (TSXV:APL)


Appulse Corporation and its subsidiaries provides industrial products and services.

The firm was founded on April 24, 2001. In November 2002, Appulse Corporation successfully closed its Initial Public Offer (IPO) and went public.

The industrial corporation is a public company that is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV), with its common stocks trading under ‘APL’ ticker symbol.

The Calgary-based industrial services company operates through its two 100 per cent owned subsidiaries: Centrifuges Unlimited Inc and Rolyn Oilfield Services.

Centrifuges Unlimited Inc is the core business division of the company that focuses on the sales, servicing and refurbished centrifuge equipment and parts. The services offerings include decanting the machinery and replacing it with separation machine parts.

The division provides industrial equipment and parts with consultancy and design services for various production facilities. In addition, the company’s subsidiary also sells the advanced machines and machine parts to other industrial producers. Since the acquisition of Centrifuges Unlimited Inc in 2009, the Canadian company has expanded its presence across the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Mexico.

Rolyn Oilfield Services Inc provides its proprietary separation process to help upstream and downstream petroleum sectors.

The subsidiary, through its process, is involved in the separation of oil, water and solid. In addition to oilfields, Rolyn serves metal and mining, food processing, marine, natural resource, including forest, and environment industrial sectors.

Rolyn Oilfield Services Inc also provides new applications to cater to the needs of the biodiesel industry. Appulse Corporation claims to earn a significant part of its revenue from the key markets in Canada and then from the United States.

The Canadian company aims to expand its products portfolio and market operations through controlled acquisitions.

On November 7, 2019, Appulse Corporation amalgamated Centrifuges Unlimited Inc and Rolyn Oilfield Services Inc to expand its centrifuges product offerings and services to the environmental sector under the banner name, Rolyn Environmental.

Contact Information

company address 3504 – 64 Avenue SE Calgary, Alberta, CANADA T2C 1P4

company phone(403) 236-2883

company email[email protected]

company website

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