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A Canadian private equity company, Onex Corporation manages investment on behalf of investors, shareholders and institutional clients worldwide.

It operates through a portfolio of investment platforms, including Onex Partners, ONCAP, Onex Credit.

Onex provides wealth management services through its association with Gluskin Sheff, a Canadian wealth management firm.

Onex Partners: Founded in 2003, the platform focuses on investment in mid-to-large cap companies, located in Western Europe, Canada and the United States.

ONCAP: Through ONCAP, the company focuses on private equity funds in middle markets and smaller opportunities in North America.

Onex Credit: The platform primarily invests in non-investment grade credit, focusing on capital preservation and employing various credit strategies.

Headquartered in Toronto, Gerry Schwartz along with a group of investors founded Onex Corporation in 1984.

The company was listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange in 1987.

Onex Corporation acquired Gluskin Sheff in 2019. The company provides diversified public and private investment funds. It has operations in London, Toronto New York, Boston and New Jersey. The firm manages portfolio of high-net-worth investors and institutional clients including offices, endowments, foundations etc.

Onex Corporation also purchased aviation company WestJet Airlines Ltd in 2019, following which the latter’s shares got delisted from the TSX.

Under wealth planning, it builds personalized financial strategy for the clients. The wealth plan comprise tax and estate analysis, investment analysis, cash flow projections, rate of return, net worth analysis etc.

The public strategies include public equity and fixed income and credit alternative.

While the private strategies offered under investment management includes private equity and private credit. Both managed by the company’s platforms.

Onex claims to provide variety of credit strategies through its Onex credit and other private equity platforms. In addition, the company claims to provide tailored investment strategies to suit high-net-worth individuals through a mechanism of collective data intelligence and sourcing capabilities.

Contact Information

company address 161 Bay Street, 49th Floor P.O. Box 700 Toronto, ON M5J 2S5

company phone416 362-7711

company email[email protected]

company website

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