The Buzzing Trends || Do you know these 10 biggest global retail companies?

The aim of this show is to provide insights into the overall trends, and the buzzing updates that may impact the market scenario during early trade hours. Watch The Buzzing Trends on Kalkine TV and stay updated. let us look at 10 top international retailers companies are there as follows:

• Walmart continues to be the number one retailer in the world. it reinvented its business model and shifted to omnichannel approach for its markets.

• Amazon the US-based e-retailer. It is in an expansion mode, entering aggressively into other countries. Its market capitalisation is US$1.8 trillion.

• Next is Schwarz Group, It is a German company that specialises in discount groceries. It is a dominant group in Europe. Its Lidl discounter banner has been its main growth driver outside of the European Union.

• Next international retailer under the radar is Aldi. It’s a German retailer specialising in discount groceries.

• Moving on to the next international retailer – Costco. The US company, is in a club format. Costco is moving into position of power in both small and big markets.

• Next up. Ahold Delhaize , a Netherland-based company. It is actually two companies which operates as a unit in the US and has picked up by remodeling its stores under all banners.

• Let us now look at the next international retailer – Carrefour. it has become one of the fastest growing retail companies in Europe and the Middle East.





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