Rise of Vegan Cuisine in North America

Change has been the only constant since the beginning of the human race. Had there been no change, we would have still been out hunting for food instead of posting pictures of our meals on Instagram. We are talking about a plant-based lifestyle, or more commonly, the vegan lifestyle, which is slowly seeping into mainstream culture to not only change the food on our plates but our lives at large.

In this context, what is referred to as 'meat' is basically an alternative 'faux meat' derived from the plant. The trick here, of course, is to make it feel and taste like regular meat. Many manufacturers manage to capture the colour and other properties of meat in these plant-based products so well that it can, in some cases, trick the biggest foodies.

The UN considers the fact that people in many countries do not have the option to go vegan. Even if there's a choice, it is not often affordable for a significant portion of the population. Hence, for the sake of the nutrients that come with it at a comparatively reasonable cost, regular meat is not going anywhere anytime soon.

At the same time, vegan options are widely available and considerably affordable in countries like the US and Canada. In 2020, the vegan meat substitute market reached 1.4 billion American dollars, thanks to popular brands like Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat, and MorningStar Farms. 





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