Key Things to Consider Before Implementing Employee Recognition System, How is REFFIND’s WooBoard Placed? 


  • Employee recognition directly impacts overall performance of the business, as employees feel motivated to invest more time and energy in doing their job.
  • REFFIND Limited is a provider of unique cloud-based employee engagement solution for modern employees who demand simple and intelligent recognition platforms.
  • WooBoard overcomes various limitations of a traditional engagement platform and offers cutting-edge employee recognition solutions.

Do you agree with the fact that organisations need to build a positive work culture that facilitates recognition?

A grand yes is the answer. Moreover, organisations are willing to walk the extra mile in order to keep employees appreciated at work. Big names in the corporate space agree to the vital role of employee recognition at workplace.

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The benefit of employee recognition can be directly seen on improving performance of the business. This is because engaged employees feel motivated and are willing to invest more time, energy and talent in carrying out tasks with value addition. Moreover, a good recognition and reward system helps to bring down employee turnover and absenteeism while keeping the best talent into the organisation.

The game of recognition is changing, and organisations are looking to adopt the best employee recognition tools. Technology has been the cornerstone of the transformation in ways of employee recognition.

REFFIND Limited (ASX:RFN) is leading the way in keeping employees engaged and recognised at workplace through its simple peer recognition platform for employee engagement, WooBoard.

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Let us look at key points that one should look out for while implementing employee recognition and reward system in the light of RFN’s WooBoard.

Simple Modern-day Rewarding System

Technology has helped to develop simple and easy-to-use recognition and reward systems that instil point-based and cost-effective reward structure. Modern-day recognition and reward platforms help employees in accessing and understanding their reward score and in turn motivate them to achieve further targets.

Transparency is another significant element that bolsters the use of recognition and reward programs where managers can keep an eye on the usage of points. Furthermore, modern-day recognition and reward systems allow employees to redeem their points for popular gift cards.

Therefore, point-based reward systems are in trend as organisations are expanding across borders and employees are working remotely. WooBoard offers points system, badges and leader board to help drive daily recognition while employees can also redeem their points for popular gift cards.

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Freedom to Customise and Choose Rewards

Contemporary recognition and reward systems allow users to customise the software by branding and adding colours to the platform. This allows users to personalise the platform and develop a feeling that it is their own software.

Moreover, the system allows users to customise their nomination process when required making things simpler.

Another unique feature of today’s employee recognition platform is that they give employees the flexibility to choose their own reward system. This is believed to be one of the most significant features while considering the implementation of a reward and recognition system.

REFFIND’s WooBoard is a while labelled platform that allows users to personalise according to their choice like adding colours and company logos while offering optional rewards system where employees can redeem gift cards within the platform.

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Facilitates Peer Recognition

One of the most effective methods for appreciating employees is through peer-to-peer reward and recognition. This is because employees tend to be more motivated and dedicated to work when their efforts are recognised by their team members as well.

Recognition platform that allows recognition of peers and nominate them for monetary rewards to surprise and delight them can be the first choice for employers.

WooBoard is a simple peer recognition platform that mimics real life for employee engagement, ultimately helping to appreciate employees, connect teams, retain top talent, and grow productivity in the highly competitive market for talent acquisition.

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Cloud-based Reward System and Mobile Access

In a technology driven scenario, cloud-based recognition platforms are proving to be a great success for organisations that are looking for effective employee recognition and rewarding platform. This is due to issues connected with the scalability and deployment of the software.

Furthermore, cloud-based reward systems allow to recognise and reward employees irrespective of their location. This is really useful in contemporary scenario of remote working.

Interestingly, REFFIND offers cloud-based SaaS solutions for employees, organisations, customers and other stakeholders with a focus on cutting-edge employee engagement solution. WooBoard mobile apps allow to motivate, engage and recognise employees irrespective of their location.

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Easy Implementation Process

One of the most important reasons for upgrading to a modern-day recognition platform is that employers look for an employee recognition solution that is much easier to implement, use and manage.

Today’s workplaces are dominated by millennials and they are looking for easy-to-use and interactive solution for recognition. Organisation-wide implementation can be a herculean task and there may be several challenges, especially in large organisations. The best employee recognition platform shall ensure easy implementation and usage.

WooBoard has been implemented under a custom trial programme in the Tax Division of the Sydney office of BDO, which is one of the largest organisations in the world as well as Australia with over 80,000 staff.

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Overall, an effective employee recognition platform can help organisations to achieve new milestones while keeping employees happy at work.

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