10 hot penny stocks in the healthcare space


  • Healthcare is one of the critical sectors in the Australian economy as it employs a sizeable number of employees.
  • The sector boasts a considerable growth opportunity, especially with advancements in medical technologies.
  • Oneview Healthcare and Actinogen Medical are among the companies with good stock returns so far this year.

The healthcare sector is considered as one of the critical sectors for the Australian economy as it employs a sizeable number of employees. The other reason behind its attractiveness for investors is that the sector boasts a considerable growth opportunity, especially with advancements in medical technologies.

The different segments such as hospitals, medical devices, telemedicine, health insurance, biotech, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment have registered vast improvement over the years.


The Penny Picks || Do You Know These Hot Penny Stocks In Healthcare Space?


Here are 10 penny stocks in healthcare sector that have made a splash this year and churned out excellent YTD return. However, one needs to do thorough research before taking any exposure, as sinusoidal market trends are evident.

Oneview Healthcare PLC (ASX:ONE)

The company deals in the business of providing software platforms to healthcare organisations. The year 2021 had been significant for Oneview Healthcare and it has delivered a return of over 660% so far (as of 13 July 2021).

Last month, the company entered a five-year deal with Northern Health as its initial Cloud Start client in Australia.

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Actinogen Medical Ltd (ASX:ACW)

The biotech company develops an innovative treatment for cognitive impairment linked with neurological diseases open to changes of raised cortisol levels within brain cells. The shares have given a return of 500% so far this year.

In June, the company received a written supportive US FDA advice in response to its Pre-Investigational New Drug Application submission for its FXS program.

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Antisense Therapeutics Ltd (ASX:ANP)

Antisense Therapeutics develops and sells antisense pharmaceuticals for large unmet markets. The stock has given a YTD return of 50%.

Antisense Therapeutics recently collaborated with Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MRCI) to further explore treatment for muscle diseases.

Little Green Pharma (ASX:LGP)

Listed on the ASX in 2020, Little Green Pharma is a medical cannabis company. The firm recently announced that it had received an additional purchase order (PO) for nearly 21,300 units of its high-THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) medicinal cannabis flower medicine from a German pharmaceutical wholesaler Deutsche. The shares have delivered a YTD return of 49.11%.

Bionomics Ltd (ASX:BNO)

Bionomics is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical Group. The lead drug candidate of Bionomics is BNC210 which is currently under development for the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  The shares gave a YTD return of 35.71%.

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Uscom Ltd (ASX:UCM)

Uscom manufactures and develops cardiac monitoring devices. The company recently said that it had received the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approval for its two new haemodynamic monitoring devices. The shares have given a return of 3.14% so far this year.

ImpediMed Ltd (ASX:IPD)

ImpediMed is a medical software technology company that which uses innovative bioimpedance spectroscopy (BIS) to non-invasively measure, monitor as well as manage fluid status and tissue composition.

The shares have given a negative return of 16.67% so far this year. The company has recently released the next generation software for its SOZO Digital Health Platform.

Volpara Health Technologies Ltd (ASX:VHT)

Volpara Health is in the business of providing digital health solutions to enable personalised breast cancer screening software applications. The shares have given a negative return of 14.29% so far. In FY21, Volpara Health made significant investments in product development and technology.

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Dimerix Ltd (ASX:DXB)

Dimerix is a clinical-stage, biotechnology company that focuses on the development of new therapeutic treatments. The stock price has remained unchanged so far this year. 

The company was recently awarded an Innovation Passport and Innovative Licensing and Access pathway (ILAP) designation from the UK medicines regulator for its DMX-200 drug.

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ECS Botanics Holdings Ltd (ASX:ECS)

One of the largest players in the Australian hemp market, ECS Botanics operates a specialised supply chain, in addition to a best of breed farmer network. The company has given a negative YTD return of 2.50%. ECS Botanics expects total sales in 2021 calendar year to touch AU$2 million due to new customer contracts. 

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