Mount Burgess shares soar 17% on drilling commencement at Nxuu Deposit

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Mount Burgess shares soar 17% on drilling commencement at Nxuu Deposit

Mount Burgess Mining, Polymetallic exploration, Botswana
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  • Mount Burgess Mining commenced drilling at the Nxuu deposit. 
  • The Company plans to assay drill holes for all Zn/Pb/Ag/V/Ge mineralisation. 
  • The drilling programme would progress the process route to a Pre-feasibility study.

Mount Burgess Mining NL (ASX: MTB) shares edged up by 16.67% on 14 October 2021, triggered by the update on the progress of the drilling programme on its Nxuu Polymetallic Deposit, Botswana. The Company announced that drillers have now arrived on site and have commenced drilling at the Nxuu deposit. 

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The Kihabe – Nxuu polymetallic Zn/Pb/Ag/Cu/V/Ge project is situated on Prospecting Licence PL 43/2016, located on the Namibian border in Western Ngamiland, Botswana.

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Overview of mineralisation at Nxuu Deposit

The polymetallic Nxuu is a shallow basin-shaped deposit consisting of Zinc (Zn), Silver (Ag), Lead (Pb), Vanadium (V) and Germanium (Ge) mineralisation in a totally oxidised quartz wacke formation within a barren dolostone basin. 

Mount Burgess, in the update, indicated that the current 2004 JORC Code compliant Nxuu resource estimate only included grade estimates for Zn/Pb/Ag. The resource estimate did not represent the known mineral endowment at the deposit.

Subsequent drilling and assaying undertaken in 2018 suggest that V and Ge are also likely to represent significant credits for the Nxuu Deposit.

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Contribution of V/V2O5

The results for 22 holes that have been assayed for V have been reported previously. The 130.17m of V mineralised intersections that extend beyond the 282.06m of Zn/Pb/Ag mineralised intersections add a further 31.59% to the overall Zn/Pb/Ag/V potentially mineralised volumes. 

Nxuu Deposit, Mineral Resource

Meanwhile, mineralogical, and metallurgical test work undertaken by ALS Laboratories highlighted:

  • V is hosted in the oxide mineral Descloizite wherein Vanadium pentoxide is 1.785 times the mass of V.  
  • 81% of Vanadium Pentoxide can be recovered on-site through gravity separation, followed by subjecting the tail to flotation using Hydroxamate acid reagent for recovery of a bulk Zn/Pb/V2O5 concentrate

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Mineralogical and Metallurgical Test work for zinc

AMTEC conducted mineralogical and metallurgical test work, which highlighted:

  • Oxide mineral Smithsonite hosts zinc.
  • 93% zinc metal can be recovered on-site by acid leaching, followed by solvent extraction and electro-winning. 

Road Ahead

Mount Burgess plans to assay all drill holes for all of Zn/Pb/Ag/V/Ge mineralisation. Moreover, further confirmatory test work is to be conducted on the deposit. 

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For this drilling programme, both HQ and PQ drill core will be used to determine ore operating characteristics, advancing the process route to a Pe-feasibility study. The scheduled undertakings include:

  • Mineralogy for assessing the economic liberation of the mineral assemblage throughout the process
  • Previous test work confirmation and refinement of the on-site operational process requirements

Mineralogical test work for Germanium

The Company also reported the arrival of the drill core in Australia. The drill core is from the oxide zone of the Germanium-containing Kihabe Deposit, located seven kilometres west of the Nxuu deposit. The Company intends to undertake mineralogical testwork to determine the host mineral of Germanium.


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