Suda Pharmaceuticals Ltd.


SUDA Pharmaceuticals Ltd (ASX:SUD) is an Australia-based drug delivery company, which has developed an exclusive OroMist® technology to create low-risk oral sprays to reformulate current pharmaceuticals. The Company’s proprietary technology is capable of increasing the bioavailability of the drug from 25 per cent to as high as 95 per cent.

Moreover, administering drugs through the oral mucosa (palate, cheeks, gum, and tongue) can deliver many potential benefits, including reduced side effects, ease of use, faster response time and lower dosage.

SUDA is strengthening its focus on the oncology space and central nervous system via its current portfolio of assets, comprising ZolpiMistTM for insomnia, anagrelide for solid tumours, Sumatriptan for migraine treatment and Medical Grade Cannabis products.

ZolpiMistTM is the Company’s lead commercial product that can deliver a faster onset of action than the pill form of insomnia drug Ambien (zolpidem tartrate). The Company’s ZolpiMistTM has already obtained Therapeutics Goods Administration’s (TGA) approval for the treatment of short-term insomnia.

The Company is also reformulating anagrelide into an oral spray, which may enable the delivery of the drug in a manner that reduces the production of cardiostimulatory intermediate. Preclinical animal studies have demonstrated that an oral spray may reduce exposure to the cardiostimulatory metabolite. Interestingly, the Company has drawn upon international experience, producing several formulations with the required concentrations to permit dosing of anagrelide as an oral spray.

SUDA performs research and development of oral spray medications in-house via co-development arrangements. The Company’s projects in development are based on the similar concept of improving bioavailability to increase patient benefit.

SUDA’s intellectual property includes granted and pending patents, trademarks and proprietary know-how. The Company’s management continues to work with the technical team to further bolster the intellectual property portfolio as it progresses with its research and development efforts. Furthermore, SUDA is the only company to hold the intellectual property for the use of anagrelide in the treatment of metastatic disease.


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company address Level 3, 62 Lygon Street, CARLTON, VIC, AUSTRALIA, 3053

company phone(08) 6142 5555

company email[email protected]

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