Mount Burgess compiles Zinc equivalent grade data for Nxuu Deposit

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  • Mount Burgess Mining NL (ASX:MTB) has received queries regarding potential contribution of individual metals at the Nxuu Deposit.
  • It has compiled data from the seven drill holes which shows a Zinc equivalent grade for all six minerals (Zn/Pb/Ag/V2O5/Ga/Ge).
  • Zinc is the primary metal in the totally oxidised polymetallic Nxuu Deposit.

Mount Burgess Mining NL (ASX:MTB) is assessing the way forward for the Kihabe-Nxuu base metals project in Botswana. Herein, of the two polymetallic sedimentary exhalative (SEDEX) style Kihabe and Nxuu deposits so far defined, the Company plans to develop the Nxuu Deposit first.

Last month, Mount Burgess released assay results showing individual grades of Zn/Pb/Ag/V2O5/Ga/Ge from seven holes drilled into the totally oxidised polymetallic Nxuu Deposit. Ever since, it has received several queries regarding the potential contribution each of the individual metals could make to the project.

The Company has now compiled data from the seven drill holes which shows a Zinc equivalent grade for all six minerals.

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Zinc equivalent grades

Mount Burgess has calculated the Zinc equivalent grade as Zinc is the primary metal in the totally oxidised polymetallic Nxuu Deposit. It has also compiled Zinc equivalent grades for four holes neighbouring the seven drill holes to include extensions of mineralisation. Notably, the Zinc equivalent grade is the in-ground grade.

Individual Drill Hole Zinc Equivalent Grades (ZEG)-

  • NXDD092 508,725E, 7,721,724N, Dip -90 deg, Az 0 deg, EOH 56.05m, RL 1158
  • NXDD092 had 18.93m from 31m – 49.93m @ 2.33% ZEG
  • NXDD037 508,700E, 7,721,750N, Dip -90 deg, Az 0 deg, EOH 41,95m, RL 1133
  • NXDD037 had 23m from 10m – 33m @ 1.83% ZEG
  • NXDD095 508,775E, 7,821,775N, Dip -90 deg, Az 0 deg, EOH 31.04m, RL 1132
  • NXDD095 had 15m from 13m – 28m @ 1.66% ZEG
  • NXDD078 508,867E, 7,821,725N, Dip -90 deg, Az 0 deg, EOH 57.88m, RL 1132
  • NXDD078 had 6m from 47m – 53m @ 2.67% ZEG
  • NXDD039 508,850E, 7,821,750N, Dip -90 deg, Az 0 deg, EOH 53.95m, RL 1132
  • NXDD039 had 24.62m from 27m – 51.62m @ 2.58% ZEG
  • NXDD097 508,827E 7,821,744N, Dip -90 deg, Az 0 deg, EOH 49.03m RL 1132
  • NXDD097 had 32.54m from 14m – 46.54m @ 2.61% ZEG
  • NXDD096 508,800E, 7,821,800N, Dip -90 deg, Az 0 deg, EOH 36.93m, RL 1132
  • NXDD096 had 23.93m from 10m – 33.93m @ 2.21% ZEG
  • NXDD075A 508,823E,7,821,826N,Dip -90 deg,Az 0 deg, EOH 30.94m, RL 1132
  • NXDD075A had 13.95m from 15m – 28.95m @ 2.11% ZEG
  • NXDD034 508,850E, 7,821,800N, Dip -90 deg, Az 0 deg, EOH 49.62m, RL 1132
  • NXDD034 had 9m from 10m – 19m @ 1.76% and 15m from 24m – 39m @ 2.61%

The Zinc Equivalent Grade Calculation includes grades for Zinc, Lead, Silver, Vanadium Pentoxide, Gallium and Germanium, based on the closing prices of 10 May 2022. Then, the combined total US$ value of each assay including Zn, Pb, Ag, V2O5, Ga and Ge was divided by the Zn price of US$36.42 per 1% to arrive at the Zn equivalent grade.

Developing polymetallic sedimentary exhalative style deposits in Botswana

Metallurgical & mineralogical test work

Mount Burgess has been actively involved in conducting and assessing test works for the project to have an efficient way forward.

Previous metallurgical test work has confirmed that 93% of Zinc metal can be recovered by solvent extraction and electro-winning. Besides, 82% of Vanadium Pentoxide can be recovered through gravity separation, the tailings then reporting to flotation using hydroximate acid in producing a final concentrate.

Mineralogical evaluation conducted by the University of Tasmania has also shown promising results. Gallium and Germanium, primarily hosted in micas, can be recovered by flotation to produce a mica rich concentrate, enabling the recovery of Gallium and Germanium. Additional metallurgical test work is likely to confirm this.

Additional metallurgical test work will also help Mount Burgess determine the individual mineral rate of recovery (analysis) in formulating a viable multi product process flowsheet. It will also guide the Company towards the various metal recovery applications that must be applied, to maintain the maximum recoveries for each of the six elements – Zn, Pb, Ag, V2O5, Ge, Ga.



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