TC Energy Corporation (NYSE:TRP)


TC Energy Corporation is a North American energy firm. The company owns and operates pipelines, power-generation plants and storage facilities across the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

It was founded in 1951 as TransCanada Corporation to develop a pipeline network, then known as TransCanada Pipeline. The company develops, manages, and constructs liquids and oil pipeline networks and energy infrastructure projects.

The diversified energy portfolio consists of NGTL system expansion project, Albersun pipeline asset Purchase, Alberta Xpress Project, ANR Pipelines, ANR storage, Bakken Marketlink, Bear Creek Cogeneration plant etc.

In 2021, it was reportedly among the Best Places to Work in Canada. In addition, the energy company is among Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index.

The North American company also focuses on sustainability and environmental protection.

The pipeline network reportedly covers 58,000 miles and claims to transport one-fourth of North America’s total natural gas.

The energy company operates through 66 subsidiaries and 326 branches in three reportable segments: natural gas, power and storage, oil and liquid.

Natural Gas

It consists of an extensive energy network of 57,900 miles across the United States and Canada. The company claims to supply nearly 25 per cent of per day natural gas consumption in North America. The extensive network is operated through:
 Canadian Mainline
 NGTL System
 ANR Pipeline System
 Columbia Gas
 Mexico Pipeline Network
 Columbia Gulf


Oil and Liquids

The diversified energy firm owns and operates 3000-mile pipeline network and transports liquids and oil across North America. It further links Alberta-based suppliers with refineries in US Gulf Coast, Texas, Illinois and Oklahoma.

Its Keystone Pipeline system reportedly moves nearly 20 per cent of crude oil from Western Canada to key markets across North America.

Power and Storage

The portfolio consists of various energy infrastructure assets and seven power generation facilities. The energy generation facilities have an estimated capacity of 4,200 megawatts.

TC Energy claims that approximately 75 per cent of total power produced is emission-free and clean. In addition, the energy company operates and develops natural gas-fired generating stations.

The diversified energy firm operates through TC Pipelines, TransCanada Turbines Ltd, TransCanada Energy Ltd, Rise Light & Power, LLC, Foothills Pipelines Ltd, TransCanada Mexico, GLGT INC, TC Pipelines GP, Inc, etc.

Contact Information

company address "450 – 1st Street Southwest Calgary, AB T2P 5H1 Canada"

company phone1-403-920-2000

company email[email protected]


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