The Bank of New York Mellon Corp


Bank of New York Mellon Corp is an international investment and finance company.

The global financial company provides wealth and asset management services, issuer and asset servicing, and treasury services to high-net-worth individuals, corporations, and various institutional clients. The firm’s stocks trade on NYSE under ticker quote of ‘BK’.

The company caters to a diverse group of clients, including:
• Asset managers
• Corporations
• Alternative Asset managers
• Banks
• Brokers and dealers
• Insurance companies
• Sovereign & not-for-profit entities
• Governments

The company claims to have approximately US$ 2.2. trillion in assets under management and over US$ 41.1 trillion assets under administration and/or custody.

The company’s roots dates back to 1780s. In 1902, the name is changed to Mellon National Bank and is included in the nation’s formal banking system. However, the present company is established in 2007 after merger between Mellon Financial Corporation and Bank of New York Co Inc.

The New York based company reportedly collaborates with world’s leading companies, including fintech firms, to enhance its delivery of financial solutions across the globe. It claims that some of its front-end service providers are Amundi Alto, BlackRock Inc and Bloomberg. Alto provides a client centric as well as open architecture approach to help in seamless integration on the Alto platform with security servicing capabilities and omni channel network, the financial firm claims.

Some of the integrated digital applications under ALTO and OMNI platform consists of custodian cash, custodian transaction, NAV analysis and custody holdings.

Under its technology and innovation platform, the company provides latest solutions for data and analytics, investment management, capital markets, financing and liquidity, securities services and treasury services.

In addition, the financial company claims to provide a market-leading exposure to its clients for financial aspects related to collateral, liquidity, trading, and funding.

The American financial firm operates through various subsidiaries such as CIBC Mellon Trust Co, BNY Mellon Investment Management, Perishing Group LLC, Cutwater Holdings LLC, Mellon Capital Management Corp, Mellon Private Asset Management, Insight Investment Management Limited, and Mellon Capital IV.

Contact Information

company address 240 Greenwich Street New York, New York 10286

company phone1-212-495-1784



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