Should you buy Rolls Royce shares now

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Should you buy Rolls Royce shares now

Rolls-Royce is making headlines after recording their highest-ever annual sales in 117 years. Hi and thanks for tuning in, Holly Shields here for Kalkine Media.

*Throughout the pandemic, the wealthy have been motivated to invest their extra money into cars, which is why luxury car makers like Rolls-Royce have benefited from the boom in demand.

*The company has launched an exclusive invitation-only service called Coachbuild for its wealthiest clients to create their own cars. Rolls-Royce is also set to bring the Spectr, its first battery-powered car, into the market by 2023.

*According to the latest trading update, Rolls-Royce has bounced back to generating positive cash flows after cutting down on operational costs and staff.


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