10 Cheap Healthcare Stocks to Ponder Over This Easter

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  • On a YTD scale, healthcare stocks have multiplied the investors’ wealth by almost 2.5 times.
  • Healthcare sector has a lot of ground to cover, and businesses can access a huge door of growth opportunities.

The UK healthcare sector is among the few sectors that largely depends on product innovation. From investing point of view, innovation has led to economic recoveries several times in the past. Businesses that relied on innovation have grown massively in the recent decades.

Innovation in the realm of healthcare and medical science is aimed at improving the quality of human life. The coronavirus pandemic taught the world the amount of progress it needs to make in terms of being prepared for a similar disaster. Thus, the healthcare sector has a lot of ground to cover, and businesses can access a huge door of growth opportunities.

With a significant recovery in markets and a slight uptick in consumer sentiments, healthcare stocks should be watched by smart investors before including them in their portfolio.  

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In this article, we would be discussing 10 cheap healthcare stocks listed on the LSE that have skyrocketed since January this year (price calculation as of 31 March 2021 closing).

  1. Futura Medical Plc (LON: FUM)


AIM-listed pharmaceutical company Futura Medical was in headlines recently as it received approval from US FDA for carrying out small confirmatory clinical study of MED3000, its erectile dysfunction gel. Besides, Futura received a green signal from EU health authorities and now have the license to market MED3000 across the EU. Notably, shares of Futura have soared over 231% since January so far.

  1. Destiny Pharma Plc (LON: DEST)


UK-based anti-microbial drug maker Destiny Pharma has been gaining a lot of popularity after its riveting success in its Phase 2b clinical study testing of its XF-73 nasal gel. This success is a key inflexion point for the company. According to the company, the gel is very effective as it helped the candidate in achieving a 99.5% reduction in bacterial infection.

Due to its groundbreaking XF-73 technology that helps in combating infections associated with open wounds and broken skin, Destiny Pharma has received backing from the US government and is now set to join forces with National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) to build novel product that could prevent or treat serious dermal infections including ulcers and burn wounds. The company has enough funding to survive till 2022. Notably, shares of Destiny Pharma have soared by nearly 149% since January so far.

  1. Myhealthchecked Plc (LON: MHC)

AIM All-share listed healthcare major Myhealthchecked Plc specialises in developing market leading products in the realm of fertility tracking and pregnancy testing. The Cardiff-based healthcare company and fertility tracking firm is playing a pivotal role in making travel more secure in a post vaccine world by facilitating coronavirus testing for all international arrivals. The healthcare company met the testing standards defined by the UK’s Department of Health & Social Care (DHSC) and was added to the list of SARS-CoV-2 PCR testing and SARS-CoV-2 genome sequencing testing providers. Notably, shares of Myhealthchecked have soared by nearly 127% since January so far.

  1. SkinBioTherapeutics Plc (LON: SBTX)

AIM-listed life sciences company SkinBioTherapeutics expects significant progress in both its cosmetic and food supplement divisions during the current fiscal year (2021-22). The life sciences firm is making good progress in the realm of skin probiotics. Also, the AIM-listed firm has also decided to create its own online marketplace to promote its products & services. The company is optimistic for recording its first revenues during 2021. SBTX shares have soared over 102% since January so far. 

  1. Avacta Group Plc (LON: AVCT)

The AIM-listed developer of Affimer biotherapeutics and reagents, Avacta Group, recently grabbed the headlines as it successfully developed a Rapid Antigen Test that detects the dominant new variants of the coronaviruses as well as the original strain. The company has also forged a license agreement with Biokit, a Werfen company to develop diagnostic products and future Affimer-based IVDs and shall receive royalties. AVCT shares have soared by 93% since January so far. 

  1. Angle Plc (LON: AGL)


World’s leading liquid biopsy company Angle has launched its clinical services laboratories in the US and UK. The company would also like to market its Parsotix system to its potential pharmaceutical and biotech customers for use in cancer drug clinical trials. The commercialisation of Parsotix system shall lead to growth for the company. AGL shares delivered a price return of over 68% since January so far. 

  1. Scancell Holdings Plc (LON: SCLP)


AIM-listed healthcare firm Scancell Holdings develops cancer treatments.  Recently, the company has forayed into the research of Covid-19 vaccine. The developer of cancer immunotherapies ended the first half of 2021 with £25.7million in cash compared to £3.6 million in April 2020, according to the results for the six-month period ended 31 October 2020. SCLP shares delivered a price return of over 62% since January so far. 

  1. Surgical Innovations Group Plc (LON: SUN)

Through its subsidiary Elemental Healthcare Ltd, England-based surgery device manufacturer, Surgical Innovations Group has forged an additional three-year agreement with Boston-based manufacturer of high-quality instruments aimed at the minimally invasive surgery, Microline Surgical Inc for the distribution of Microline's instruments across the UK. SUN shares delivered a price return of over 60% since January so far. 

  1. Genedrive Plc (LON: GDR)

UK-based diagnostics firm Genedrive has underpinned its hopes for revenue streams from potential opportunities with European Ministry of Health and contract with Beckman Coulter Life Sciences during the second half of the fiscal year 2021. With its easy-to-use diagnostic devices, Genedrive is ready to conduct coronavirus tests across the US. Also, the company is developing tests for Hepatitis C and neonatal deafness. GDR shares delivered a price return of over 59% since January so far. 

  1. Inspiration Healthcare Group Plc (LON: IHC)

The medical technology company, Inspiration Healthcare Group, signed for the extension of distribution agreement for infusion devices across UK and Ireland. The company recently won a £400K deal from Japan for supplying neonatal ventilators. IHC shares delivered a price return of nearly 53% since January so far.