Women’s Day: 5 FTSE 100 Companies That Have Female Bosses

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Women’s Day: 5 FTSE 100 Companies That Have Female Bosses

 Women’s Day: 5 FTSE 100 Companies That Have Female Bosses

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  • Only 5% of the FTSE 100 companies were headed by women in 2020.
  • The figure is even worse for FTSE 250 companies, with only 2% headed by women.
  • Some of the FSTE 100 companies that have women bosses are GSK Plc, Whitbread Plc, RBS Group, ITV Plc, and Severn Trent Plc

It would not be wrong to say that despite the progress made in bringing more and more women into the mainstream, a lot still needs to be done. This is evident from the fact that in 2020, just 5 per cent of FSTE 100 companies were headed by women. For FTSE 250 companies, the data was even more dismal, with only 2 per cent of companies having women CEOs.

As more and more women enter the labour force, it is important to see how many can break the glass ceiling to get a truer picture of gender diversity and pay parity in corporate boardrooms. On this Women’s Day, here is a look at five FTSE 100 companies that are led by women bosses:


Alison Brittain, Whitbread Plc (LON: WTB)


The British multinational hotel and restaurants company is headed by Alison Brittain. She took over as the CEO in 2016 and had headed Lloyds Banking Group Plc (LON: LLOY) in her previous stint.

Brittain began her career at Barclays Plc (LON: BARC) as a trainee and worked there for 19 years and then had a stint at Santander UK Plc.

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She took over at Whitbread from Andy Harrison and was also in the race to take over as CEO at Lloyds after Antonio Horta-Osorio.

The company’s shares were up 3.87 per cent and were trading at GBX 3,545.00 at 15:07 PM after closing at GBX 3,413 in the previous session.

Alison Rose, Royal Bank of Scotland Group


Rose was appointed the CEO of Royal Bank of Scotland Group, a subsidiary of the NatWest Group Plc (LON: NWG), in late 2019 and has worked with the company for 27 years. Before becoming the CEO, she was the deputy CEO of NatWest Holdings and has also headed the group’s commercial and private banking businesses.

She started her career in National Westminster Bank and became a member of RBS’ executive committee in 2014. In 2018, she was nominated to head the Treasury’s review on barriers faced by women in businesses, and the report found that only one in three entrepreneurs was a woman.

Shares of NatWest Group were up 1.03 per cent and were trading at GBX 190.05 after closing at GBX 188.05 in the previous session.

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Carolyn McCall, ITV Plc (LON: ITV)


She took over as the boss at ITV Plc in 2018. She worked as non-executive director at Lloyds Bank, at New Look Plc, and Tesco Plc (LON: TSCO). She was appointed the CEO of EasyJet Plc (LON: EZJ) in 2010. She worked at EasyJet for seven years and left the company in 2017. In 2018, McCall became the first female CEO of ITV.

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ITV’s shares were up 3.43 per cent and were trading at GBX 120.65 at 15:07 PM GMT+1 after closing at GBX 116.65 in the previous session.

Emma Walmsley, GlaxoSmithKline Plc (LON: GSK)

Walmsley became the CEO of the company in 2017. She was also the CEO of GSK Consumer Healthcare and was also a member of GSK’s Corporate Executive Team.

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She worked for L’Oreal for 17 years before joining GSK. She also worked as an independent director on Microsoft’s board in 2019 and was also a non-executive director of Diageo Plc (LON: DGE) in 2016.

The shares of GSK were up 0.43% and was trading at GBX 1,248.40 at 15:05 PM GMT+1 after closing at GBX 1,243 in the previous session.

Liv Garfield, Severn Trent (LON: SVT)

She was the youngest CEO of an FTSE 100 firm when she joined Severn Trent in 2014. Before this, she was also the CEO of Openreach. Severn Trent’s share was down 2.15 per cent at 15:05 PM GMT+1 and was trading at GBX 2,189.00 after closing at GBX 2,237 in the previous session.


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