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Greencoat Capital

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Greencoat Capital is a London based asset management company with offices in Dublin. The company is one of the largest fund management companies with £4.0bn under its management. Established in 2009, the Fund now has mandates in the wind, solar, and private equity sectors.

Greencoat UK Wind is a member of the FTSE 250 which has a market value in excess of £ 2.0 billion in active UK wind farms. It has 34 wind farms, with 950MW generating capacity. It has produced 3.3TWh since March 2013 and provide electricity to 550,000 homes. The fund has raised £4bn of equity investment till date.

Greencoat Solar owns Solar PV generation that provides investors strong yield. The investments were made on long-term investment horizons and a pledge of about £ 1 billion has been made on the platform. The Renewable PLC is owned by the Republic of Ireland, Euro-denominated renewable energy assets, listed on the Irish Börse and on the London Bourse and has 12 wind farms with a capacity of Ireland 411MW.

Greencoat Capital is adviser to ESB €200m private equity fund, Novusmodus LP.  Currently in realisation phase, the capital of the private equity comes from the Irish state Utility, ESB.  The ESB targets the lower mid-market companies of Northern European in the energy sector.


Greencoat UK Wind

This leading renewable fund is managed by Greencoat Capital LLP and is among

FTSE 250 with market capital of £2 billion, with increasing RPI.

The company provides its investors a sustainable annual dividend per ordinary share (6.94p for 2019). The revenue comes from the sale of energy produced and sustainable benefits given and sold under long term agreements utilities.

These revenue streams gives company a dividend cover above the target annual dividend, enabling it to withstand significant downsides of the business

The RPI indexation of the UK Government's influence the RPI in the growth of other cashflow. The company aims at increasing RPI inflation. The cashflow is also invested in the wind farm assets.

The Company aims at return 8% to 9% and increase return through the wind farms, maintaining exposure to power prices

Greencoat Capital identifies publicly listed fund with wind assets which provides investors along high yield with l protection.

The fund led to the creation of  the "renewable infrastructure", raised more than £3bn till now,wiith 34 wind farms it had capacity of 950MW and produced over 3.3TWh.

The management team at Greencoat Capital has a management team of financial experts. The team has managed in excess of £3.0 billion across seven funds. Their experience covers the financing, and management of renewable sector.

It offers exposure to UK premium listed vehicle, both onshore and offshore wind farms, aiming its shareholders with a sustainable and transparent yield and the board dividend in line with RPI inflation. The aim is to preserve capital cashflow.

Greencoat Solar I & II

Greencoat Capital manages solar capital with over £1.1bn committed funds, owns UK Solar PV generation assets with high yield with strategic acquisitions.

It identified existing investors in unlisted product investing in solar sector. Solar PV an advanced technology with supported mechanisms in a large-scale market

It started in September 2016 with a compulsion through major UK funds with £295m management, it got first close September 2017 and now reached over £800m in size.

The assets give fantastic quasi index-linked cash flows, and generate high returns with uncorrelated cash flow, third largest utility-scale solar market with capacity of around 12GW. The cost of photovoltaic installation has reduced significantly in the past few years as a result short term capital owner who in many cases are looking to recycle their capital.

UK Solar Strategy

It buys operating solar assets built under both the government scheme with investment sizes range from approximately £5 million to £25 million, in some cases this could be larger.

Through its rich experience in the sector it has developed good network among the strong senior-level energy and renewables market. Its investment strategy generate an overall successful  investment strategy. Due to the respect it has earned in years it has the ability to scale quickly.

The Operational advantage it has due to its experience, the team deliver  assets  through best practice to improve availability and performance;

It increase its revenue potential by repowering the energy storage solutions and by buying better contract pricing.

Greencoat Renewables

It recognized the potential of listed renewable energy generation assets with a focus on wind and solar, with cash flows in euros.  It provides liquidity to euro investors who wants to illiquid real assets. The company acquired two operating wind farms in Ireland under government schemes in March 2017.

The company has 12 wind farms under its portfolio with total capacity of 431MW.

  • Republic of Ireland
  • Ballybane
  • Cloosh Valley
  • Garranereagh
  • Glanaruddery
  • Gortahile
  • Killhills
  • Knockacummer
  • Knocknalour
  • Lisdowney
  • Monaincha
  • Raheenleagh
  • Sliabh Bawn
  • Tullynamoyle 2

Led by Bertrand Gautier and Paul O’Donnell, the team has vast investment expertise, with great experience in the Irish and European renewables markets.

The operational strategy focuses on searching for euro-denominated renewable infrastructure asset then acquiring and operating the PV assets.

Greencoat Private Equity

Adviser to ESB Novusmodus LP, Greencoat  manages  €200m private equity.Under its realisation phase, ESB Novusmodus focuses on low mid markets in Northern European under energy sectors.

It targets investment up to €30 million which gives profitable and growing companies. These resource and energy efficiency companies have €10-50 million revenues with a strong track record.

It still provides strategic and operational advice to the management teams and has invested in a diverse portfolio of energy and energy efficiency sector.

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