British Parliamentary Members Again Voted Down Theresa May’s Brexit Plan B

  • Feb 15, 2019 GMT
  • Team Kalkine
British Parliamentary Members Again Voted Down Theresa May’s Brexit Plan B

The British Prime Minister Theresa May faces another defeat from the House of Commons after Members of the British Parliament voted down her new Brexit Plan B on Thursday’s vote. Theresa May secured 258 votes in favour of her Brexit deal, while 303 votes exercised against her proposed deal in front of the House.

It was again humiliating defeat for the British Prime Minister as her Eurosceptic MPs had taken a collective decision to abstain, around 67 MPs of the Tory Party did not participate in the government's motion vote, and 5 MPs out of PM's party voted against the proposed Plan B.  The revolt from both sides of the Tory party, Pro-Brexiteers and Europhiles.

The British lawmakers thrashed British PM in an allusive vote over her new Withdrawal deal on Thursday, undercut her pledge to EU lawmakers that she can get a disorderly agreement approved if they grant her concessions. Yesterday's vote results will undermine EU lawmaker's sentiment that the British PM can get Commons support for a revised arrangement.

Yesterday, Global financial giant Goldman Sachs said there are 50 per cent chances that the British Prime Minister can get a Withdrawal agreement through the House of Commons, adding to it Goldman Sachs said, the leader would ultimately block a no-deal exit if required.

The financial giant also said that they see a probability of 15 per cent for no-deal Brexit and 35 per cent chances of no-Brexit at all.

Liam Fox, a pro-Brexiteers warned Conservatives that consecutive defeat for the government would create a red flag about whether a new arrangement between EU and British PM could get clearance from the British Parliament, making Brussels less likely to build a new offer.

With few lawmakers are speculating that post yesterday’s defeat of May’s plan B, the chances of a no-deal Brexit have edged up again.

Theresa May has just a few days window to finalise a formal deal with the Brussel and get it passed through the House so that Britain can leave European bloc by its scheduled time 29th March 2019.

One Conservative MP yesterday said, I have never seen our PM so angry. Theresa May left House of Commons humiliated, with European leaders ponder whether Theresa May have any control over her chaotic Tory party.

Few opposition MPs and Conservative leaders as well accuse British Prime Minister of “running out of clock”, encompassing the UK closer to the scheduled departure date to try to muscle Commons into an option between backing May's deal or crash out Brexit without a formal contract.

The real crucial date for the May’s government looks set to be held on 27th February 2019, when the Prime Minister has promised another round of votes. British leaders are trying to force May's government to defer the divorce date said that would be the moment they make their move.

A few days ago, Bank of England chief Mark Carney said that Britain would face a financial crunch in any form of Brexit, compare to staying in the European Union bloc.

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