Starwood European Real Estate Finance Limited is a speculation organisation listed on the main market of the London Stock Exchange with a venture objective to furnish shareholders with profits and an alluring complete return while restricting risk through the start, execution, acquisition, adjusting of a differentiated arrangement of land obligation interests in the UK and the more extensive European Union's (EU) inward market.

The speculation objective of the company, along with its auxiliaries Starfin Lux S.a.r.l, Starfin Public LP, and Starfin Public GP, is to furnish its investors with standard profits and an all-out return. Outside the UK, interest in the European Union's inside market centres around Northern European business sectors, including Germany and Belgium, and Southern European business sectors, including Italy and Spain. Its portfolio will zero in on loaning into business land areas, including office, logistics, accommodations, private properties available to be purchased, and multi-family leased property. Its Investment Manager is Starwood European Finance Partners Limited.

The company puts resources into a broadened arrangement of land obligation speculations in the UK and the EU's inward market. While venture openings in the auxiliary business sectors will be considered every once in a while, the company's overwhelming focus is to be an immediate essential originator of real estate obligation speculations on the premise that this methodology is required to convey better value, design, and execution control and a customer confronting relationship that may prompt further speculation openings. The company expects that the common loan term will be between three and seven years.

While the company holds utmost circumspection to make speculations for either more limited or more extended periods, in any event, 75% of total loans by worth will be for a term of seven years or less. The company's portfolio is expected to be fittingly broadened by topography, land area type, credit type, and counterparty. The company's portfolio will be started from the more significant and more settled housing markets in the UK and EU's internal market. Interest in the EU's inward market will be zeroed in on Northern and Southern Europe. Northern European business sectors incorporate Germany, France, Scandinavia, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland, Ireland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. Southern European business sectors incorporate Italy and Spain. The company may also develop interests in other nations in the EU's markets to the degree that it distinguishes alluring venture openings on a risk-adjusted return basis.

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