Rm2 International SA Ord (LON:RM2)


Rm2 is a global company listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange that is into pallet design, manufacture and supply. Founded in 2007, the company is trying to bring about a new wave of composite pallet and supply chain service platform. It has revolutionised the smart pallet design by introducing autonomous IoT sensor technology for a better and efficient supply chain management. Till date, the company has invested around $60 million in the R&D for the design and technology of its pallets. Being a frontrunner in smart pallet revolution, the company provides helpful resources, articles and research material on supply chain topics, like sustainable pallet systems, IoT sensor technology, supply chain intelligence monitoring, and others.

Its exclusive BLOCKPal engineered composite pallet has all the crucial features needed for an ultimate economics and sustainable performance. Kickstarted in 2016, the manufacturing of this pallet has been outsourced to world-class manufacturers with state-of-the-art facilities.  The manufacturing of pallets doesn’t involve any nail, wood or splinters. The pallets have a very light coating that is anti-slip in nature and are well equipped with technologies, like ELIoT ™lo, BLOCKPal™. The manufacturing process of these pallets are highly automated because of the material (fibre glass composites, wood) that is used.  This process can be further divided into pultrusion, fabrication and assembly, which is done with dedicated, world-class facilities.

Each pallet has an embedded tracking system, temperature, vibration, and accelerometer sensor device that is equipped to capture the location, movement of products in real time. The IoT sensor data are transferred to the cloud by using the LTE-M network. Customers can access real-time insights in alerts and reports that is provided to them via secure web portal or standard API integration into existing their IT infrastructure.

The company is also a champion of the environmental, social, governance (ESG) goals and has eight board of directors managing the whole operations.  

Contact Information

company address 5, rue de la Chapelle Luxembourg, L-1325 Luxembourg

company phone44-1745-260-000

company website www.rm2.com

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