Pan African Resources PLC (LON:PAF)


Pan African Resources PLC is a mid-level African-centred gold maker, double recorded on the LSE AIM exchange and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, and with a Level 1 ADR program supported by the Bank of New York Mellon. The company has a business model of operating a high-quality and cost-efficient project model based in South Africa.

The company works through six fragments: Barberton Mines, situated in Barberton South Africa, gets income from the offer of gold to South African monetary establishments; Evander Gold Mining Proprietary Limited and Evander Gold Mines Limited (by and large known as Evander Mines), situated in Evander South Africa, gets income from offer of gold to South African monetary foundations; Phoenix Platinum, located in North West territory in South Africa, gets revenue from a request of platinum bunch component concentrate to Western Platinum Limited; Uitkomst Colliery, situated in Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal, gets income from offer of coal to nearby and trade markets; Corporate office and development projects, including PAR Gold Proprietary Limited, gets revenue from the board expense from giving administration and organization administrations to other gathering organizations, and Funding Company, which provides depository work exercises. The company's operations have a combined manufacturing capacity of 200,000 oz of gold per year. They are also one of South Africa's cost-effective producers.

The company's strategy consists of various parameters ranging from financial capital to Human Resource optimization. The Company plans to ensure that they have adequate financial capital resources for the smooth exploration and development of their mines and systematic capital allocation. The Company aspires to effectively develop its manufactured capital or mineral reserves to ensure a sustainable future.

The company is constantly evolving with using technology to improve its operational efficiency and sustainability. They have developed their expertise in extracting gold safely from their mineral deposits and continue developing and investing assets in a way that has generated attractive returns, which will lead their way to long-term sustainability. The company has strategically positioned itself as a high-margin long-term gold producer with the help of deep assets. The company has also taken ESG concerns by identifying the business areas that significantly affect the environmental, social, and economic issues.

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company address Pan African Resources PLC Ste 31 Second Fl, 107 Cheapside EC2V 6DN United Kingdom

company phone+44.20.77968644

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