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PJSC Gazprom is a Russian more significant part state-possessed worldwide energy company settled in the Lakhta Center in Saint Petersburg. Gazprom was founded in 1989, when the Soviet Ministry of Gas Industry was merged into a company, turning it into a primary state-run corporate venture in the Soviet Union. After the Soviet Union's disintegration, Gazprom was privatised, holding its Russia-based resources. For the most part, the organisation is claimed by the Russian government utilising the Federal Agency for State Property Management and Rosneftegaz, while remaining offers are exchanged openly.

The company's essential exercises incorporate investigation and creation of gas; transportation of gas; deals of gas within the Russian Federation and abroad; gas stockpiling; creation of unrefined petroleum and gas condensate; handling of oil, gas condensate, and different hydrocarbons; and deals of delicate items, and electric and heat energy generation and sales. The company's sections incorporate production of gas, transportation, gas distribution, gas stockpiling, unrefined petroleum and gas condensate, refining, electric and warmth energy age and deals, and other. The gas production fragment is occupied with the investigation and creation of gas. The transportation fragment is occupied with the transportation of gas. The distribution of gas section is occupied with the deals within the Russian Federation and abroad. The gas stockpiling section is occupied with the capacity of extricated and bought Gas in underground gas storages.

Gazprom is upward incorporated and is dynamic in each space of the gas business, including investigation and creation, refining, transport, dispersion and advertising, and force generation. In 2018, Gazprom delivered 12% of the worldwide yield of flammable gas, creating 497.6 billion cubic meters of regular and related gas and 15.9 million tons of gas condensate. At that point, Gazprom sends out the gas through pipelines that the organisation assembles and claims across Russia and abroad, for example, Nord Stream and TurkStream. Also, Gazprom has revealed stores of 35.1 trillion cubic meters of gas and 1.6 billion tons of gas condensate. Besides this, through its auxiliary Gazprom Neft, Gazprom is a vast oil maker creating around 41 million tons of oil with saves adding up to 2 billion tons. Gazprom's essential objective is to fortify its driving situation among worldwide energy organisations by broadening deals markets, guaranteeing energy security and feasible turn of events, working on working effectiveness, and satisfying its logical and specialised potential. Because of Russia's geological area, the company can turn into an energy connect between the European and Asian business sectors by providing its flammable gas and giving gas travel administrations to different makers. This predetermines the substance of the company's technique in its crucial business regions.

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company address PJSC Gazprom Ul. Name kina, 16, Moskva, V-420, Gsp-7 117997 Russian Federation

company phone+7.495.7193001

company websitehttp://www.gazprom.com

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