Origin Enterprises Plc is a focused agri-services group that is engaged in offering specialist on-farm agronomy services, digital agricultural services and supplies crop technologies and inputs. It is headquartered in Ireland and was established in 2007 as a standalone business of IAWS, with its focus on the original agribusiness and ambient food businesses. Since its establishment, it has expanded organically and through the strategic acquisition of Massrock, GB Seeds, CSC Crop Protection, Rigby Taylor, United Agri Products, Carrs Fertilisers, Ukraine Agri-services (controlling interest), ReSo Seeds, Headland Amenity, Resterra Group, Linemark International, Bunn Fertilisser, Pillaert- Mekoson, Fortgreen (65% shares), Symbio, Green-tech Limited. In 2012, the company amalgamated its UK’s agronomy services operations under a new brand: Agrii. The company operates in UK, Ireland, Belgium, Brazil, Poland, Romania, and Ukraine through its 103 distribution points, 70 demonstration farms, 33 input formulation and processing facilities and more than 2,600 employees.

The company aims to be the leading and trusted business for the farmers, growers, and amenity professionals by optimising sustainable agriculture and food production through continuous innovation, R&D and Agronomic expertise that can help in providing its shareholders with high, sustainable, and growing value and return.

The company operates through the five core segments that include Integrated Agronomy and on-farm services, Business-to-Business Agri-inputs, Digital Agriculture services, Amenity Inputs & Services and Animal Feed (Joint Venture). The Integrated Agronomy and on-farm services segment offers suggestions, services and inputs to the growers of arable, fruits and vegetables and it also offers customized services to enhance the safety, quality, environmental and sustainability standards through the delivery of crop production systems across UK, Poland, Ukraine and Romania.

The Business-to-Business Agri inputs segment offers procurement and supply chain services to the food production sectors located across Irish, UK, Belgium and Brazil, providing macro inputs such as prescription blended fertilizers and animal feed ingredients. and it has the leading presence in UK’s professional sports turf, landscaping, and amenity industries.

The Digital Agriculture Services segments offer digital agronomy and agri-tech services to the producers, input manufacturers and agri-service businesses.  The Amenity Inputs & Services segment offers leading turf and amenity management services to the UK’s professional sport turf, landscaping, and amenity industries. Animal feed segment is engaged in delivering grain and non-grain ingredients to animal feed manufacturers and flour milling industry located in Ireland.

It operates through its wide range of brands across Ireland and UK, Continental Europe, and Latin America. The Agrii, Goulding, Origin, Rhiza, Headland, R&H Hall, Linemark and Rigby Taylor brand operate in Ireland and the UK. The Agroscope, Redoxim, Comfert and Pillaert brand are operating in Continental Europe and the Fortgreen brand operates in Latin America.

Contact Information

company address River Walk 4-6, Citywest Business Campus D24 DCW0 Ireland

company phone+353.1.5634900

company websitehttp://www.originenterprises.com/

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