Online Blockchain Plc (LON:OBC)


Founded in 1996, Online Blockchain Plc is a blockchain R&D company with pathbreaking innovation in cryptocurrency and decentralised ecosystems. It aims to revolutionise the world with research and development. It has a 17.98% stake of ADVFN plc, which is into the development of financial data through the internet, research services and the development and exploitation of ancillary internet sites. the company’s objective is to Incubating existing cryptocurrency startups, setting the standard for the decentralized tomorrow and developing technical innovation in the blockchain space. The company’s shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange as LON: OBC.

The company’s projects include Buenos, PlusOne Coin, Happy Pool,, PTC Network, Happy Miner,, FreeLoadr and Mooning Market. Buenos is the Argentina’s cryptocurrency, which offers facilities to store funds securely and transact virtually instantly with low fees. The PlusOne Coin is a social media cryptocurrency that financial rewards community activity on popular finance forums such as ADVFN and iHub. It is also used as an advertising tool, rewarding audience retention with coins. It can be purchased, swapped, given or mined just like other cryptocurrency and is featured on TechCrunch, CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. Happy Pool is a user-friendly cryptocurrency mining tool backed by a strong community. is a secure digital currency for the people of Brazil and solving banking problem. It is designed to be mined most effectively on personal computers and offers anonymous and virtually instant transactions. It is now traded on SouthXchange and can be managed through mobile application.

PTC Network is a digital currency advertising network with access to over 1 billion impressions per month. It is a distribution protocol which leverages the user-base of a network of over 100 paid to click advertisement publishers. Happy Miner offers a user focused mining experience. is a hub for cryptocurrency faucets and has a community around emerging and popular cryptocurrencies. It is a platform through which new currency project can be airdrop their coins. FreeLoadr is an offers more than 3,000 games for free just by running its application. The is a platform where bitcoin is used for all transactions between buyers and sellers.

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