Natwest Group (LON:NWG)


NatWest Group Plc, which was previously known as The Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc, is one of the largest UK commercial banks and is a leader in the retail space.

The financial institution gets the net interest income or the revenue from retail and finance banking, which includes activities related to business banking, standard and specialised bank financing (funding needed for mergers & acquisitions, projects, leasing), commercial banking that involves retail banking, private and offshore banking, investment, and market banking and others.

The bank is the biggest fund provider in the business sector providing loans to every 1 in 4 businesses across the UK and Ireland, ranging from start-ups to multinationals. NWG is currently connected to more than 19 million customers in the UK and Ireland through its comprehensive range of banking and financial services. The bank continues to expand in key areas, such as mortgages and commercial lending, and has a solid balance sheet with one of the highest capital ratios among the UK and European peers.

There are three focus areas for the bank -- climate, enterprise and learning -- where it is trying to make a significant contribution for their customers, staff, and communities. The company is a frontrunner in the field of climate change and is playing an active role in the transition to a low-carbon economy.

The bank is trying to support its customers in meeting challenges at different life stages by building strong relationships with them and help them meet their needs and their targets. For small business customers, the bank provides digital-only bank, Mettle, and online offerings such as FreeAgent, which is a free online accounting software available through Mettle. NWG has made a new tie-up with asset manager BlackRock for increasing the investment management processing activity.

Besides, the bank focuses on greater customer service technology. The bank is also trying to develop new technology and digital expertise by innovation and partnerships in order to deliver excellent services to their customers. This they are doing by using internal knowledge and experience and by signing deals with leading companies around the world.

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company address NatWest Group plc 36 Saint Andrew Square Street EH2 2YB Edinburgh, Scotland PO Box 1000

company phone+44 (0)131 556

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