MaxCyte Inc (LON:MXCT)


MaxCyte, Inc. is a US-based provider of cell-based therapies and Biotechnology Company, founded in 1998. The company’s headquarters are in Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange. The company is engaged in the business of discovering, developing, manufacturing, and commercialising cell therapies. It is a life sciences company, which offers cell-engineering platform to biopharmaceutical companies that are engaged in discovering and developing drugs, activities of bio manufacturing and therapy such as immuno-oncology and gene editing. The company’s advance technology is adopted by leading drug developers globally, which include the world’s top 10 biopharmaceutical companies.

The company has designed, developed, and offered Flow Electroporation platform, which eases engineering of a huge variety of cells. Based on its Flow Electroporation technology, an ExPERT platform is developed by the company, which discovers to direct the increasing cell therapy market and to use all over the cell therapy sector. The company’s ExPERT platform operates through three instruments: GTx, ATx and STx. The company has developed a therapeutic platform called CARMA for the growth and development of immune cell therapies, which is based on transfecting mRNA into unstimulated cells.

The company is a leading provider of cell-engineering technology, which is helpful in bringing next‐generation cell-based therapies to life. The company has distributors in nine regions including Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea, Australia, India, Israel, Spain, and Thailand. The company has granted 140+ licenses for cell therapy programs and has 100+ licenses for clinical use. The company also has 13 licenses for strategic platform to lead cell-based therapy developers. The company’s consumables products include RUA PAs (Processing Assemblies), PA accessories, GMP Pas and PA order. The company’s applications include Cell-Based Assays, Gene Editing, Primary cells, Protein Production, Stem Cells, TCR/ CART.      

Contact Information

company address 22 Firstfield Road, Suite 110, Gaithersburg, 20878, United States

company phone+ 1 301 944 1700


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