Johnson Matthey PLC is a UK-based global specialty science chemicals company offering sustainable, cutting edge solutions to its customers. Founded in 1817 and headquartered in London, the company has its presence in over 30 countries and employees more than 15,000 people. It has over 43 major manufacturing sites worldwide. It operates mainly in four sectors: clean air, efficient use of natural resources, health and pharmaceuticals, has been a leader in the same for over 200 years. It uses state-of-the-art solutions and is a global leader in sustainable technologies.

It has dominant presence in refining of metals like gold, silver and platinum, and their distribution. It provides catalyst systems for reduction of emissions from various industries, a prominent example is the automotive segment. One in every three new cars has a JM emission control catalyst. It is a global supplier of such emission control technologies and catalysts.

It is also involved in production of bases and precious metal catalysts. In addition to efficient use of natural resources, the company also has a presence in the health sector by providing active pharmaceutical ingredients, which are used in most medicines, and other such solutions involving complex chemistry.

The company has also given priority to new markets and emerging opportunities across healthcare, automotive, energy sector, and is focusing on new technologies in new areas like production of battery materials and fuel cells. Electric vehicles are the future and the company is all set to develop new and advanced technologies for both hybrid and fully electric cars, which are more efficient and sustainable.

There are five core values for the company: protecting the people and safeguarding the planet, acting with integrity and respect for people, working together and combining diverse ideas, innovating & improving, and maintaining standards & being accountable of the work done. The main drivers for the company are climate change, energy efficiency, and resource scarcity.

The company has expertise in nine core areas: catalysis, modelling and characterisation, chemical synthesis, electrochemistry, material engineering and designs, specialist metallurgy, process optimisation, product formulation and surface chemistry and coatings.

Johnson Matthey is a component of FTSE 100 index. It has an effective corporate governance framework and code of ethics. It is trying to make the world greener and cleaner by bringing in sustainable technologies and preserving resources for the future generations. 

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company address 25 Farringdon St, London EC4A 4AB, United Kingdom

company email+44 20 7269 8000

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