Hikma Pharmaceuticals Plc (LON:HIK)


Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC, a global company headquartered in UK, is into the development, production, and sale of drugs that are used for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, infections, cancers, diabetes, and others. The company gets its revenue from generic injectable products, products taken orally, popular drugs and others. The company’s product can be classified as branded and non-branded generic and in-licensed pharmaceutical drugs. Geographically, the company’s operations are spread in more than 50 countries. Its operations can be grouped under the UK, the US, Middle East, North Africa and others.

The company was founded in 1978 by Samih Darwazah and it was established as a strong player in supplying branded generics and in-licensed products. In 1980s, the company established itself in the MENA and built its first FDA-inspected manufacturing plant. Following this, the company started constructing sterile manufacturing plant for injectable pharmaceutical products in Portugal.

In the 1990s, the company’s US arm acquired West-Ward Pharmaceuticals. During this period, the company made many other acquisitions in Tunisia and Saudi Arabia, and dominated the market in the MENA. In the 2000s, the company further expanded its injectables business to the lyophilised segment by acquiring specialised manufacturing plant in Italy. During the period, the company ventured into the oncology segment after acquiring Ribosepharm GmbH and Thymoorgan in Germany. With the acquisition of Alkan Pharma, the company entered the Egyptian market, and strengthened its presence in Jordan after acquiring Arab Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company.

In 2005, the company managed to raise gross proceeds of US$124 million through an initial public offering and got listed on the London Stock Exchange. In the next decade, the company acquired Al Dar Al Arabia in Algeria to produce penicillin.

The company had expanded the Injectables business after acquiring Baxter’s multi-source injectables business and the assets of Bedford Laboratories and Ben Venue Laboratories, Inc in the US. The company also acquired of Société de Promotion Pharmaceutique du Maghreb S.A. in Morocco, and also several other firms in Egypt, which helped the company in establishing itself as a leader in the pharma sector.

Contact Information

company address Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC 1 New Burlington Place W1S 2HR London

company phone+44 (0)20 7399

company websitehttp://www.hikma.com

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