Established in 1878, General Electric Company is a multinational US company under the digital industrial segment. It was formerly known as Edison General Light Company. Later it was incorporated in 1892 by acquiring the assets of the Edison General Light Company and other two electrical companies. The headquarters are in Boston, Massachusetts, and it has servers worldwide. In its own words, the company defines its purpose as “We rise to the challenge of building a world that works”.

It has been able to make a mark all over the world through its consistency in innovations in renewable energy, healthcare, aviation, solutions across the additive manufacturing, data science material, and others. Some of the prominent subsidiaries are: GE Additive, GE Capital, GE Global Research, GR Power, GE Ventures, GE Renewable Energy.  The company promises to bring in innovative solutions to the current energy, healthcare. and transportation sectors. Its equipment and innovations have been successfully used in more than 64,000 aircraft, 45,000 wind turbines, 7,700 gas turbines and around 4 million healthcare facilties.

The company is committed to EHS Excellence, which is environment, health, safety. The company has till date organised 54 environment events and has a total of 107 ISO certifications. They aim to provide a carbon neutral operations and facilities by 2030. There are approximately 205,000 employees working in the company. In 2020, GE has been able to make its mark in the Fortune 500 as the #33 largest company in the US. It is also one of the most profitable company in the world. In the year 2011/12, it held the #19 position for the most innovative company, #91 position for the most admired company (Fortune), #18 position the company for leaders (Fortune).

During the Covid 19 pandemic, the company helped the health care sector by giving away its floorspace in its factory to affected patients as there was shortage of space in the hospitals. They have been keenly helping the people around to fight the pandemic.

Contact Information

company address 3135 Easton Turnpike, Fairfield, 06828 0001, United States

company phone1-203-373-2211


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