Bigblu Broadband PLC (LON:BBB)


Founded in 2008 by Simon Clifton, Andrew Walwyan, Tom Wheeler and Selwyn Petterson as Satellite Solutions worldwide Group, Bigblu Broadband Plc, formerly Satellite Solutions Worldwide Group Plc is a UK-based broadband solution provider across Europe and Australia.   The company’s goal is to bring reasonable and reliable superfast internet and related services to 100% of corporate, homes and equipment within its rapid expanding coverage area. The company serves wide range of customers from multi-national corporations, governments, domestic homes and military. It is now the largest satellite broadband ISP outside North America and 4th largest globally. The company’s shares are listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange since 2015 as LON: BBB.  

The company’s two main products include Satellite Broadband and Ultra-fast fixed wireless. The satellite broadband technology is used by corporate and homes for connection where telecom infrastructure is poor. The company also offers fixed wireless infrastructure with satellite broadband to offer a hybrid satellite/fixed wireless products to fulfill the expectations of its customers and market. The Ultra-fast fixed wireless solution use radio to offer fastest broadband services to society where funding and population density is optimal for this technology. Its ultra-fast broadband uses licensed and unlicensed radio spectrum and various different technology platforms to deliver 75+ Mbps with very low latency and unlimited data allowance. The company also uses its fixed wireless broadband technology to bid for government grants and subsidies to deliver “next generation access” broadband speed.

The company specializes in super-fast broadband through alternative technologies and it operates through its four main brands that include Bigblu, SkyMesh, Quickline communications and Bordernet. The company also maintains relationship with the leading satellite owners and deliver them satellite broadband service and speed. Its satellite partners include Eutelsat and NBN SkyMuster.

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company address 6 New Street Square EC4A 3LX United Kingdom

company phone+44.20.74276538

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