Founded in 2017, Alphawave IP Group Plc is a UK-based global provider of communication equipment that offers semiconductor intellectual property cores. It designs and licenses high-performance configurable wired connectivity IP platforms. The company provides its products and services to various markets such as 5G wireless infrastructure, data centre, data networking, artificial intelligence (AI), Autonomous vehicles and solid-state storage. The company got listed on the London Stock Exchange on 13 May 2021 as LON: AWE.

The company’s Manufacturing and EDA partnerships include TSMC, Samsung, Ansys, Siemens EDA, Avery Design systems, VeriSilicon Microelectronics, PLDA, Samtec and EnSilica. Its leading technology advances enable data to travel faster, oush the boundaries of wired connectivity capabilities, more reliable and uses lower power. The company serves Tier-One customers in Europe, North America, UK and Asia Pacific. The company delivers its technology though three main delivery models that include Connectivity IP Cores, Integrated Products IP Cores and Chiplet IP Cores.

The Connectivity IP Cores offers multi-standard complete silicon IPs building blocks that its clients license and integrate into the design of their chips. Its IP codes support an extensive range of data rates from 1 Gbps to 112 Gbps and soon up to 224 Gbps. Its products include DieCORE XSR MSS, PipeCode PCI-Express and CXL PHY, AplloCODE MR/VSR MSS, AlphaCODE LR MSS, ZeusCODE XLR MSS. The DieCORE product delivers the world’s lowest power die-to-die connectivity solution, highest density for MCMs based on IEEE XSR/USR serial standards. It is a companion IP to AlphaCORE LR IP for large datacenter SOCs. The PipeCORE is a low-power, high-performance, PCIe Gen1- Geb6 PHY that is capable of operating 64Gbps PAM4 PCIe Gen6 rates. It is based on the industry leading AlphaCORE DSP architecture. The ApolloCORE products are optimized for medium reach and very short reach applications that support all leading PAM and NRZ data center standards from 1Gps to 112Gbps.  The AplhaCORE is a low-power and high performance, DSP-based PHY that support leading edge PAM and NRZ data center standards, supporting diverse protocols such as PCI-Express Gen1-5 and 100Gbps/50G/25G/10G/1G Ethernet. The ZeusCORE is the highest performance SerDes with Xtra-Long-Reach (XLR) and Multi-Standard-Serdes (MSS) that support all leading edge PAM and NRZ data center standards, supporting diverse protocols such as PCI-Express Gen1-5 and 100Gbps/50G/25G/10G/1G Ethernet.

The Integrated Product IP Cores are designed for the products that can be licensed by customers and wither manufactured as-is or customized further. The company offers IP product solutions for 100G retime products, gearboxes that allow interfaces between old and new infrastructure and products transitioning to 100G rates. The Chiplet IP Cores are builds on its industry leading wired connectivity IP portfolio of technologies.

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