Founded in 1995 as a sugar importer and later importer and processing of raw sugar cane, Ros Argo Plc is Russia’s largest vertically integrated agriculture holding business that is engaged in agricultural production, including crop, sugar, pork, and oil and fats production. The group’s land area consists of 637,000 hectares. Its main assets are located in Tambov, Saratov, Voronezh, Belgorod, Sverdlovsk, Samara, Kursk and Orel region. Additionally Primorskiy Kray, which allow group to diversify its business on a regional basis. Currently, the group sells its products in over 80 Russian regions and more than 50 countries across the world. The group’s shares are traded on both London Stock Exchange and Moscow Stock Exchange.

The group operates through its four main segments that include Sugar Business, Agriculture Business, Oil & Fats Business and Meat Business. The group is one of the leading sugar producers in Russia operated by its subsidiary, Rusagro-Center LLC. It operates though its nine factories located in Belgorod, Oryol, Tambov, Kursk and Voronezh region. Its other subsidiary includes Rusagro-Belgorod LLC, Rusagro-Tambov LLC, JSK Kshensky sugar factory, JSC Krivets-Sakhar, JSC Sugar Factory Otradinsky and JSC Hercules. Its sugar brands include Chaikodsky, Mon Café, Russkii Sakhar, Brauni and Warm Traditions.

The group is the largest vertically integrated agricultural holding company in Russia. The group owns and operates in Belgorod region, Kursk region, Orel region and Primorsky region through its subsidiary Rusagro-Invest LLC, Kshenagro LLC, Agrotechnologies LLC, Otradaagroinvest LLC and PrimAgro JSC respectively. Its agricultural products include Sugar beet, Rape, Food & fodder wheat, Food sunflower, Fodder and malting barley, Fodder Corn and High-protein Soya. 

The group’s Oil & Fats division is one of the leaders in the Russian mayonnaise, oils and fats market. It is engaged in procurement and processing of sunflower seeds, production and sales of sunflower meal, margarines, sunflower oil and food industry fats as well as processed dairy products and consumer food products. Its subsidiaries include Elevators, Fats and Oil Integrated Works JSC, Rusagro-Saratov LLC, Samaraagroprompererabotka JSC, Rusagro-Atkarsk LLC, Rusagro-Balakovo LLC and Dairy Products Rusagro LLC. Its consumer products brand include I Love Cooking/Maskovsky Provansal, EJK, Mechta Khosiaiki, Olivyez, Stolichnaya, Schedroye leto, Rossiyanka, Benefitto, Saratovskiy, Zhar-pechka, Friturniy and Chudesnitsa. Its dairy brands include Milie, Syrnaya Kultura and Buterbrodnoe utro and its Industrial fats brand include SolPro and GRANDPRO.

The group’s Meat division is the third largest pork producer in Russia. It operates through its subsidiaries, Tambov Bacon LLC and Rusaagro-Primorye LLC. Its products include Chilled pork half carcasses, large cuts, byproducts, chilled case ready products and rendering plant products.  The meat division operates through Slovo Myasnika brand.

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