Founded in 1999, ADVFN Plc is a UK-based company that offers financial information through the information website of stocks and shares that provides date and market-leading financial tools to the investors all over the world. The company is listed on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock exchange since March 2000 and has its headquarters in London.

It develops financial information including financials, award-winning global stocks data, charting, portfolio management, news feeds, monitor lists, crypto and real-time share prices for its clients. The site has around 36 million users globally.  The company also provides most active financial bulletin board in the UK through research services, Internet, and development and utilising ancillary Internet sites.

The company’s operational segments include provision of financial information and other services. The company also indulges in the other Internet services which are not associated to financial information and provision of financial broking services. The company also has a joint venture in Brazil where the company has language and geographic targeted website. The company also has financial sites in the United States, Canadian, German, Mexican, Indian, Japanese, French, Italian and Filipino. The company acquired a leading online investment community website named in the North American market. In 2009, the company bought a stock brokerage TSCTrade, an online IPO trading platform named AllIPO, and Throgmorton Street Capital.

The company’s specialties include investing, trading, markets, stocks, shares, Forex, commodities, and cryptocurrency. The company gives price data of stocks from around 80 stock exchanges all over the world including Tokyo Stock Exchange, Athens Indices, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Australian Stock Exchange, Helsinki Stock Exchange, Brazil Bovespa Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Athens Stock Exchange, Toronto Stock Exchange, Bombay Stock Exchange, Swiss Indices, New York Stock Exchange, Hercules Stock Exchange, Hercules Stock Exchange, and Singapore Exchange.  

Contact Information

company address ADVFN Plc                                                                                                                           28 Ongar Business Centre, The Gables, Fyfield Road, Ongar, CM5 0GA, United Kingdom


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