UK motorists face a shock due to rocketing diesel prices

• The data revealed that the price of petrol went up, but not as much as that of diesel.

Oil stocks to watch as govt to examine extending windfall tax

Highlights:,The PM and Chancellor may consider extending windfall tax to plug the black hole worth billions of pounds in the country's public finances.,Rishi Sunak had announced a windfall tax on oil and gas producers earlier this year when he was the Cha...

Gas prices hit five-month lows amid easing of supply concerns

• With the anticipations of winter months being milder than expected, the overall demand for gas has eased.

Ofgem to launch an energy conservation campaign

Several experts believe that the UK Government might be able to save millions through investments in a public information campaign on energy conservation.

Senior cabinet minister claims winter blackouts highly unlikely

National Grid had recently warned that there might be planned power cuts over the coming winter.

Energy boss expects Ofgem to bring down standing charges

The energy boss has claimed that a lot of customers are not able to comprehend the reason behind the high standing charges.

Half of businesses' electricity bills to be covered by taxpayers

The burden of about half of the electricity costs faced by UK businesses would have to be covered by taxpayers this winter.

Stocks to watch amid soaring energy bills: Kalkine Media explores

Experts are anticipating that the cost of the energy bills rescue package would go up to £150bn.

Key energy stocks as gas prices fall: Kalkine Media explores

While leaders in Europe are stepping up with their plans to tackle the ongoing energy crisis, the wholesale gas prices have started going down.

Amid soaring fuel prices, which forecourt operator stocks can investors consider?

Highlights:,Soaring fuel prices are likely to push a significant chunk of UK households into fuel poverty by January, a new study has revealed.,About 18 million families will plunge into financial precariousness, the study warned.,With,inflation,hitting a...