TATE, PFD, SCE: Should you add these stocks to watchlist?

Highlights:,UK's exports to the EU fell by almost 14% in 2021 post-Brexit, new data has revealed.,Brexit has added more delays, red tape and paperwork to the exports, hitting several businesses.,The UK's decision to exit the,European Union,(EU) has starte...

HAS, STEM, IPEL: Is it a good time to add these stocks to watchlist?

Highlights:,UK's top recruitment firms have asked the government to reconsider its decision to allow hiring agency workers to replace striking employees.,The firms said the move would inflame the strikes instead of ending them.,The UK is witnessing strike...

MNZS, BA., QQ.: Stocks under investors’ lens amid falling business confidence

Amid the growing cost-of-living squeeze, UK business confidence has plummeted to a 15-month low level in June.

GLEN, AAL, RIO: Blue-chip stocks to watch as steel tariffs get extended to 2024

Extension of these tariffs are intended to defend the UK steel makers amid the global supply chain and energy market disruptions.

SVT, UU., PNN: Stocks to watch amid probe on water companies

Water companies' shares have come under pressure after Britain's regulator opened an enforcement case against the South West Water.

CNA, SSE: Stocks to watch as Ofgem pledge £20 bn to boost grid capacity

Highlights,The UK energy regulator has proposed a £20.9 billion package on Wednesday to upgrade the local energy grid capacity as part of an initial five-year plan.,The chief executive of the UK energy regulator has announced that recently proposed £20 bi...

PODP, AFC, SED: Are these EV-related stocks worth considering?

Highlights:,EVs have gained a lot of attention amid the rising fuel prices.,However, the shift to electric will risk thousands of jobs, a new report has warned.,Amid the skyrocketing rates of petrol and diesel in the UK, people are shifting towards,electr...

PTY, RWA, PAGE: Stocks under lens as businesses face skills shortage

The staff shortage has now become a critical issue for the UK economy. More than three-quarters of UK businesses are suffering from shrinking trade and slower growth. The skill shortages have increased due to the pandemic, rising costs, and Brexit and hav

NG., GLO, DRX: Energy suppliers to watch amid plans to cut energy bills

UK Households may potentially receive discounts on their energy bills by using less electricity at peak periods. Energy utility company National Grid has announced that after a fruitful trial earlier this year, it is planning to roll out the scheme in UK

PTY, HAS, STAF: Stocks to watch as income gap in UK still remains a concern

The income per person in Britain’s most affluent areas, such as Kensington & Chelsea, was 350% higher than in the poorest region, such as Nottingham.