3 hospitality stocks to check out right now

Highlights:,The hospitality sector is struggling to grow amid inflationary pressures and the cost-of-living crisis.,According to a new survey, it saw the steepest decline in output growth last month.,The hospitality sector has been dealing with quite a fe...

3 key energy stocks to keep your eye on

Highlights:,Energy companies are set to miss their target to install domestic smart meters this year.,The meters are crucial to reducing energy demand and preventing blackouts during winter.,The UK's energy regulator Ofgem has fixed a target of installing...

Brits sitting on £5.6 billion worth of unwanted tech, says research

Highlights:,Raising concerns over electronic waste, a new study has suggested that Brits are sitting on unwanted electrical gadgets worth billions.,The data came ahead of International E-waste Day.,While the calls for the reduction of e-waste continue to ...

UKW, TRIG, JLEN: Mid-cap FTSE renewable energy stocks to watch

Highlights:,The Liz Truss government is reportedly planning to cap the revenues of wind farms to keep energy costs down.,Expected to come into effect in 2023, the cap is said to be different from a windfall tax, which is imposed on a company's profits and...

UK unemployment drops while the number of long-term sick surges

The number of economically inactive people in the UK has hit a record high level in the last quarter.

UK could face daily blackouts this winter: Stocks to watch

In the worst-case scenario, households may have to cope with a string of three-hour long power cuts during the rough winter months.

Stocks to watch as UK's recruitment activity slows down in September

Highlights:,Amid economic uncertainties, the country's recruitment activity slowed down in September.,Workers are cautious about switching jobs, while businesses are wary of the economic conditions while hiring.,Amid extreme economic uncertainties and war...

UK construction grows while optimism falls

Purchasing activity in the construction sector went down slightly due to restrained client demand.

UK services sector stalls as consumer spending tightens: Stocks to eye

Services sector activity in the UK stalled in September, as per S&P Global.

Trending auto stocks as new car registrations grow in September

Highlights:,New car sales grew for the second month in a row in September, the latest data shows.,Compared with the pre-pandemic period, new registrations were down 34.4% last month.,Despite the cost-living crisis, September turned out to be a good month ...