Which insurance stocks can investors look at now?

Highlights:,The average insurance cost has jumped about 14% in the past one year.,On average, over 40% of drivers said that they saw a rise of £38 in the renewal quote in the past quarter.,Car insurance premiums in the UK are witnessing the biggest yearly...

3 banking stocks to watch as lenders brace for windfall tax

Highlights:,With chancellor Jeremy Hunt working to plug the hole in public finances, banks may have to face a windfall tax, according to reports.,One report has also claimed that Hunt is due to announce major taxes during his 31 October fiscal statement.,...

Mortgage lenders hike rates despite Hunt's tax reversals

Highlights:,Lenders have continued to hike mortgage rates in anticipation of aggressive rate hikes by the Bank of England.,Following chancellor Jeremy Hunt's reversals of a majority of tax cuts, there were hopes that mortgage rate hikes may ease.,In his f...

Companies prevented from joining the consumer investment market

• Last year, more than 1,800 consumer alerts regarding illegal companies or individuals were released by the FCA.

Mortgage crisis may rise in coming months: BoE warns

Highlights:,The central bank has warned that amid the rise in interest rates and living costs, the mortgage crisis may aggravate further in the coming months.,It added that the situation is presently better than it was before the 2008 financial crisis but...

Stocks to watch as UK mortgage rates hit the roof

The Bank of England has been consistently raising its base rate, which impacts all kinds of loans and mortgages in the UK.

Average mortgage rates breach 6% mark: Which stocks to eye?

Highlights:,As lenders anticipate another interest rate hike, average mortgage rates have crossed the symbolic 6% landmark.,This is another hit to several buyers looking to buy a new home.,Amid the weakening pound against the US dollar and anticipation of...

Insurance stocks you can explore in October

At a point on Monday, Credit Suisse CDS climbed to 355 basis points, hitting a record high measure of its default risk.

Two mortgage-related stocks to look at in October

Highlights:,Following the mini-budget, there are expectations that the Bank of England may raise the interest rates.,Many mortgage providers have withdrawn offers on several products in anticipation of another interest rate hike.,The,mini-budget,announced...

3 Banking stocks to explore as IMF reprimands UK chancellor

Labour leader Keir Starmer reportedly said on Wednesday that PM Truss and chancellor Kwarteng had totally lost control of the country’s economy.