Dairy Exports Fall In September. | Kalkine Market Update NZ |

The value of dairy product exports fell in September this year compared to the same month last year, as per Stats NZ. The fall was led by a decline in prices as the overall quantity of dairy products exported increased over the same period.

Spark and Sky Join Hands to Create Streamed Sport Bundle

Sky Network Television Limited (NZX: SKT) has approved terms with Spark New Zealand Limited

(NZX: SPK) to offer Sky Sport Now in a bundle with Spark Sport from 16 November 2020.

* NZ Annual Imports Persist To Decline For The Year Ended September 2020

As per the data released by Stats NZ on 27 October, imports have declined sharply amid the COVID-19 outbreak while exports have held up, resulting in a $1.7 billion annual goods trade surplus for the year ended September 2020. Some of the highlights include:

Imports fell $5.9 billion with the decline driven by crude oil and cars, down $1.7 billion and $1.1 billion respectively. The total value of goods exports for the September 2020 year increased $1.2 billion from 2019.



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