Auckland Airport announces plans to integrate domestic and international terminals

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Auckland Airport announces plans to integrate domestic and international terminals

 Auckland Airport announces plans to integrate domestic and international terminals
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  • New Plan of action released by Auckland International Airport for refurbishment and restoration
  • The cost of the first stages of development estimated to be NZ$30 million
  • Company believes this is the best time to make changes, ahead of the post-COVID rush

In a recent announcement, the new infrastructure plan was announced by Auckland International Airport(NZX:AIA) (NZX:AIA) . In an important development,  the domestic travel terminal will be merged with the international terminal. It further announced demolition activities to ensure international and domestic integrated development.

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The infrastructure development planned by the Company will be reflective of the developments in the aviation recovery taking place gradually across the world. There was a hold put on 4 major projects till demand resumes.

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It was further declared that the base work is being laid out for a domestic facility which shall be merged in the current international terminal’s eastern end, as part of the resetting of the infrastructure related plans for the post-COVID scenario at the Auckland International Airport.

There is going to be site preparation done in the beginning of next year, to commence the first stages, for the movement of the jet flights’ departure and arrival for many big cities and towns in the country which shall indicate the creation of a domestic hub amidst the existing international terminal.

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Management declares development plans

Adrian Littlewood the Chief Executive at the Auckland International Airport was of the view that the Company hasn’t yet wasted a single day since the since the onset of the pandemic and have created strategies to ensure the appropriate prioritization of future growth and alignment with the recovery strategy.

The new domestic hub shall promote safe travel for passengers for domestic as well as international travel. Connectivity shall further be boosted due to the car parking and other transport links. He further said that even though the volumes of international travel are on an all-time low currently it is essential to pre-plan for the times to come, to ensure smooth transition in the recovery phase.

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The minimal traffic currently has also helped a better look at the construction situation and refining of the original plan of action for the same, which shall help in achieving a better result.

The start of extensive work

In the initial stages of work that have been scheduled for the beginning of 2022 and shall bear a cost of NZ$30 million shall include the relocation of basic utilities, relocation of emergency operations centre as well as the centre for operations control. There shall further be the demolition as well as the relocation of the livestock holding, water disposal and legacy eastern baggage hall.

Further in talks are the areas of development such as a new arrival area for international travellers, a second runway, new international taxiway, and airfield capacity and so on.

on 9 August 2021, Auckland International Airport traded at NZ$7.170, down by 0.42%, at the time of writing.


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